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Get your desired Anti Slip flooring Dubai from us at discounted rates. We supply the best flooring treatments in UAE. Place your order for hygienic and secure flooring now.


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Anti Slip flooring Dubai- Versatile Collection

Slip resistance is a vital characteristic of any flooring. Depending on the level of slip resistance, we have different floors for different places. For instance, we have more antislip flooring in Dubai for the washroom and kitchens, for bedrooms, fewer non-slip tiles are fine. We have a broad collection of anti-bacterial and non-slip tiles including nonslip shower floor tile, kitchen tile, non-slip rubber flooring, and a lot more.

To tackle the non-slip requirements for each place, Flooring Dubai has developed three surfaces in addition to the regular surface with increasing friction. Each surface of the floor remains within the perimeters that are established by the pertinent international regulations.

In addition, our manufacturing process has made our anti slip flooring Abu Dhabi super easy to clean. This effectively reduces your maintenance cost. Fully non-slip surfaces are hard to clean, but our non-slippery flooring is easy to clean and maintain


Our customer support team will guide you through your shopping process for quick and simple experience.

Advantages of Anti Slip Flooring Dubai 

It is amazing how people ask questions like how non-slip flooring is beneficial for us. Or why they are needed, etc. Let me tell you that anti-slip flooring is best to be installed especially if you have small kids or aged people at your place. Moreover, you should install it at your workplace for the safety of your workers.

Here are some key benefits of Anti slip flooring in Dubai:

  • It prevents you from falling
  • In the long run, it saves your money.
  • Create a safe environment for your office
  • It is very easy to install
  • Non-slip flooring is antistatic as well
  • It is stain resistant
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All About Anti Slip Flooring Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE

Non-slip Flooring creates a strong grip that reduces the chances of slipping or falling down. We use the metric coefficient of friction to measure the slipping factor, we enhance the force needed to hold two materials like floor and shoe, road, and tire to resist sliding while installing anti slip flooring Dubai.

The coefficient of friction of 0.5 provides enough resistance but for the activities like walking on inclined surfaces or playing tug of war, you need more slip resistance. The slip floor is also anti-static. It prevents the transfer of charge and makes an electrostatic field.


Why Choose Us for Buying Anti Slip Flooring Dubai? 

At Flooring Dubai, we have the best collection of Antislip Flooring in UAE available in beautiful options to choose from. Our slip-resistant tiles are finely polished to give a beautiful appearance. You can place an order for any color and pattern for your slip-resistant flooring

Whether you are from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, or anywhere else in UAE, we provide free home delivery services of anti slip flooring Dubai. Not only has this but we also provided installation services at discounted rates if you buy a flooring treatment from us. Hurry up and order right now to get exciting discounts and amazing deals.

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