Terms of Conditions

This page contains the terms and conditions for our company Flooring Dubai which all users and customers should acknowledge in advance to make any interactions. Customers can avail of all our products and services by adhering to the company’s protocols and conditions.

Following is our user-license agreement which educates users about all their contractual rights. Users are asked to consider all terms and conditions to obtain desired services.

Services And Products 

Flooring Dubai is a prestigious brand that provides soft and hardwood flooring, furnishing, and skirting products and services for residential and commercial interiors and exteriors. We provide high-end and detailed digital photographs of our products to ensure convenient viewing and evaluation for our customers. The images on our website also include our recent projects and creations.

In addition to exploring the online gallery, customers can visit our showroom to learn about all the available products and services and have a more satisfactory shopping experience. Customers can get custom-made floor covering products and amenities as well, in addition to ready-made ones.

Order Processing

Our valuable customers can interact with us in the following manners:

Order Placement through Email

Customers can email info@flooringdubai.com to inquire about products/services or place orders. They shall receive immediate responses.

Order Placement through Phone Call

Customers can communicate with us via phone at tel:+971506379229 for details.

Order Placement through Message 

Our valuable customers can also contact us through text messages regarding

order placements and/or product/service inquiries. They are asked to send their

desired order of products or services and (if any) attachments in message contents

and they shall be getting quick responses.

Policy For Order Cancellation

Flooring Dubai’s cancellation policy contains flexibility for customer convenience. It is important to note that any manufacturing or design faults will not be included. Also, the cancellation policy does not apply to custom-made orders and services. If our customers notice any manufacturing or designing errors from our side after product/service delivery, they are to notify the company about that misconduct within three (03) business days.

For order cancellation, customers have to provide clear and high-definition images and/or videos describing the error(s) in addition to describing the problem.

If our customers receive a faulty product (damaged during the delivery), they are entitled to a full replacement (damage/defect repair, redesigning, etc.) at the company’s expense.

If customers refuse to make Cash-on-delivery (COD) payments after a product/service has been delivered, they shall face the consequences. 

Policy For Order Return Or Refund

The order refund policy only applies if a customer does not receive the correct product, service, or feature manufacturing/designing (following what they asked for) and/or if they notice dissatisfactory product/service quality.

Customers can contact us at tel:+971506379229 or email info@flooringdubai.com to register their complaints.

The company will notify the customer once the returned product has been received, and he/she is entitled to a full refund through dedicated payment methods. Customers can also return the defective or damaged product at a nearby outlet of Flooring Dubai. 

Conditions/Criteria For Order Cancellations 

Customers who wish to cancel an order must abide by the company’s contractual rights.

  • The order is from a country or region where we do not operate/deliver
  • The requested product/service/feature/accessory/treatment is not available at the moment
  • The guidelines or details provided for the order are inaccurate
  • The pricing information for the order is incorrect

Payment Methods 

Upon making a purchase or hiring a service, our customers can pay us via these methods:

  • Debit or Credit Card
  • COD (Cash-on-delivery)
  • Bank Transfer

How To Accept Our Terms Of Service?

All potential buyers can accept the TOS (Terms Of Service) of our official website through any of the following steps:

  • Click-through Agreement

The user will be presented with the TOS and they are to click a button or checkbox indicating that they have read and agreed to the terms before proceeding with the website usage.

  • Sign-up Agreement

While signing up for the website account, the user is required to accept Terms of Service as an integral part of the account registration process.

Website Disclaimer

The information presented on the official website is from Flooring Dubai. We strive to keep all the info maximally accurate and updated; still, it is not guaranteed, promised, or assured in terms of accuracy, reliability, compatibility, or availability of the content, graphics, multimedia, products, and services on the website.

Copyright Issues

The official website and all its contents are the copyright of Flooring Dubai. Any partial or complete reproduction or redistribution of the website content for commercial and other purposes is illegal. Any unlawful or wrongful conduct in this regard shall be dealt with dedicated legalities.

However, users are allowed to download and/or print website content or extracts for non-commercial and personal usage. Users must acknowledge that any legal activity cannot be performed against the company because of using website content as evidence.

Our customers are highly advised to thoroughly read all the terms, conditions, and policies to experience error-free and satisfactory product and service purchases.