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Using blackout window curtains can enhance your place’s comfort level by reducing light and noise in the room. Get our blackout curtains in Dubai at very reasonable prices to improve your sleep.

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Get Rid of Noise and Light with Our Blackout Curtains

We provide the highest quality curtains in Dubai, offering numerous useful benefits. Our curtains are made of thick fabrics to effectively block natural light. These living room-darkening curtains are designed to bring peace to your place by reducing both noise and light. Additionally, our double-layered curtains provide enhanced insulation for your space.

Thick Fabric
Light-Blocking Lining
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How Do We Install Blackout Curtains?

We claim to provide the perfect fit for these curtains. Our professionals will not leave the place until you are fully satisfied with the installation of our window hangings.

Placing Order

Our expert consultant will assist in choosing the best designs.


You will get the perfect fitting of room darkening curtains within hours.

Double Check

We ensure that curtains block the light and noise properly.

We Offer Different Types of Blackout Curtains

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Thermal Curtains

Our thermal blackout curtains will regulate the temperature of your place by providing complete insulation.

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Motorized Curtains

We offer electric motors in our blackout window curtains, which makes them slide automatically or with a remote button.

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Double-Layered Curtains

Get our double-layered window curtains to block excessive light and noise to bring peace to your place.

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Custom Curtains

You can get the personalized size, color, and texture of room-darkening curtains according to your interior design.

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Benefits of Using Our Blackout Curtains

We design our curtains to improve your comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency and remote control curtains making them a great investment for any place. You will get the most amazing advantages by using our blackout window hangings.

Enhanced Privacy

They block the view into a room from the outside, making them ideal for rooms that face busy Dubai streets.

Better Sleep

These curtains improve sleep by blocking external light and creating a dark environment promoting natural sleep cycles.


Our curtains help to protect furniture, carpets, and other interior furnishings from fading caused by UV radiation.

Noise Reduction

The multi-layered thick fabric of blackout curtains reduces outside noise, providing a peaceful atmosphere in your place.

Hire Our Experts For Installing Blackout Curtains In Dubai

The perfect installation of these curtains is important because loosely fitted curtains will not block the light and noise in your place completely. Make your place fully insulated with professional installation services of blackout curtains in Dubai.

Professional consultation
Free measurements
Installation within hours
Free sampling
Blackout Curtains Dubai
Bringing Our Services to Your Doorstep

We have provided our premium curtains accessories all over the UAE. You can call us to get the nearest available date in any city. We provide the fastest delivery and installation services at your doorstep.

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Why Choose Us?

We are a reputable curtains brand in the UAE. Our blackout curtains are liked by our many customers. Our professionals perfectly fit these curtains to make your place peaceful.

Fast Installation

Our professionals are trained to trim, drill, and hang the blackout curtains within hours.


We have qualified professionals who are sincere with their work and complete their tasks neatly and timely.

Free Home Visit

We offer a free home visit to provide professional consultation and get the exact measurements of your curtains window drapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

These curtains are designed to block out light and provide privacy, so they are typically made from thick materials that do not allow light to pass through.

Yes, you can sleep with these curtains. They block out unwanted light, which can improve sleep quality. They also provide privacy, reduce outside noise, and help regulate the temperature in your room.

Darker colors like black, dark blue, and dark gray are better for blackout window shades. You can also choose a lighter color with thicker fabric and blackout lining.

Yes, they can block UV rays from entering your room. Get our double-layered curtains at affordable prices to protect your luxury furnishings from ultraviolet rays.