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Are You Looking for Best PVC Flooring Supplier in Dubai?

If you want to furnish your floors with Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) flooring and looking for the best PVC vinyl flooring supplier in Dubai, Flooring Dubai is one of the leading brands across the UAE that is offering versatile kinds of PVC carpet flooring and PVC flooring tiles at market competitive rates.

Whether you need to install polyvinyl plastic floor covering or want to equip PVC floor carpet, Flooring Dubai has everything to cater to your all needs. We bring a versatile collection of Poly Vinyl Chloride flooring in hundreds of designs, styles, colors, textures, and sizes to give your spaces a luxurious look.

Whatever you’re looking for in PVC flooring; you will find from our versatile collection

Flooring Dubai distinctively designs the most innovative Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) flooring to elevate your interior look. Our uniquely engineered exclusive collection comes in seamless designs to suit every style & taste. At Flooring Dubai we have rich sources of colors, textures, and patterns of PVC flooring to customize your floor carpeting.


Our customer support team will guide you through your shopping process for quick and simple experience.

Have a look at our trendiest, stylish, innovative, and cost-effective PVC flooring solutions.

  • PVC flooring
  • PVC vinyl flooring
  • Plastic floor covering
  • PVC floor tiles
  • PVC floor carpet
  • PVC carpet flooring
  • Parquet vinyl flooring

All Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) floorings are integrated with a self-adhesive solution that makes it easy to install and repair. Flooring Dubai also manufactures custom PVC flooring to suit your specific need or unique style. Our premium floorings can be used in many applications as listed below.

  • For factories
  • For kitchen
  • For office
  • For hospital and laboratories
  • For schools and nurseries
  • For homes
  • For sports complex and stadiums

Why Choose PVC Flooring Dubai?

Flooring Dubai is the one roof destination where you can buy all kinds of PVC floors and other flooring essentials. We enable you to shop online and also offer you affordable rates and free doorstep delivery.

As we’re a leading supplier of PVC vinyl flooring, we have a wide range of PVC flooring that withstand high traffic areas, give you an exceptionally beautiful look, and sustain prolonged use. Flooring Dubai brings comfort and value to your life, we also offer an efficient installation service to give you extended comfort. Call us now and get an exceptional experience.

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