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Bespoke Custom Made Bed Dubai


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Buy Modern Bespoke Custom Made Bed Dubai 

Flooring Dubai is the leading customized bed Dubai manufacturer that is perfectly crafting the bed according to your specifications. We craft only one piece in each design to make it elegant, specifically for you, and separated from ordinary others.

We have an extensive array of custom made bed in Dubai materials, colors, wooden & metal options, covering styles, and other infinite options to customize luxury customised bed Dubai collection. We follow our 8-step unique manufacturing process and produce custom bed frames Dubai. We have specialized designers and a fleet of professionals to make super king bed Dubai style for you at affordable rates.


Our customer support team will guide you through your shopping process for quick and simple experience.

Modern to Contemporary Customized Beds Dubai

Whatever the reason you want a Customized bed style, as a leading customize bed producer; we have specialized handymen to carve your bed perfectly. We can make the custom bed in every size, design, shape, style, tufting, or cushioning customization or whether you looking for an extra fluffy mattress bed, Flooring Dubai can do everything for you.

We equip our Custom Bed Dubai with high-quality springs, luxurious mattresses, and premium coverings to make it more elegant, comfortable, and durable. Unlike others, we are not only offering customization, we also offer your custom headboard upholstery, cushioned bottoms, upholstered custom bed frames, and all other bed repairing & upholstery services at your doorstep.

We’re quite affordable and prompt in delivering quality work. We introduced the oversized bed customization to a tiny bed, round bed, custom made bed collection at reasonable prices. Flooring Dubai made it with premium material to provide you comfortable night’s rest.

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Luxury Customized Bed Dubai & Headboards

  • It caters to your specific need & style
  • You can customize the shape, size, and designs
  • Provides smooth, luxurious & softer feel
  • Our custom made bed for bedroom are Cost-effective & budget-friendly
  • Enable infinite versatility of designs
  • Breeze easy to install, repair and maintenance efficient
  • Affordable & modern solution to get dreamy bed
  • You can customize the headboards, customized bed frame & tailboards

Why Choose Us?

  • Flooring Dubai is the customized bed, collection supplier
  • Have a rich source of materials for custom beds in every color, design, textures & patterns. Find the perfect bed sets and customised bed options.
  • We have bed accessories, shock-absorbing springs, & high-density memory foam
  • Offer premium custom made bed Dubai at affordable rates
  • Also offering professional bed assembling, upholstery & repair services
  • Our customer service staff 24/7 a week available to serve you, contact us any time.
  • Our well-trained professionals can craft customized bed elegantly

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