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Carpets are one of the most commonly used items in mosques. Mosques have regular foot traffic, so carpets must be made of the highest quality and installed professionally. These carpets are designed to add comfort to worshipers during prayer.

If you are searching for the best mosque carpet company in Dubai, you are at the right place because Flooring Dubai provides the best mosque carpets with unique and attractive designs. We focus on making high-quality carpets for mosques that need low maintenance.

Add luxury to the floor of the mosque with our soft carpets. We provide carpets for mosques made of the highest quality materials. You can get a wonderful mixture of modern and traditional styles of masjid carpets.

Benefits Of Using Our Mosque Carpets

Mosque carpets are available in various colors, materials, and symbolic patterns. We provide carpets in various sizes, ranging from small prayer mats to large rolls of carpets. Our mosque floor coverings are strong enough to bear the high foot traffic.

Attractive Look

Our carpets add to the beauty of the mosque. They come in various colors and textures that match the overall interior design of the prayer space.


They provide a comfortable surface for worshippers to sit and pray on. Our carpets are soft and cushioned, making it easy for people to bow during prayer.


Our high-quality prayer rugs maintain the clean environment of the mosque. They trap dust particles, preventing them from spreading in the air.

Sound Absorption

These carpets absorb sound, reducing noise levels in the mosque. Praying without noise gives you a more spiritual and peaceful feeling.


Our mosque carpets are made with a non-slip material, reducing the risk of slips and falls during prayer. Such carpets are best for old or disabled persons.

Affordable Prices

We offer a special discount on our masjid carpets. Make your mosque extra comfortable and attractive with our quality carpets available at affordable prices.

Showcasing Our Luxurious Masjid Carpets

Our store has a wide collection of prayer mats, so you can select the one that best suits the mosque’s interior. We not only supply prayer carpets for the masjid, but people also use our rugs in homes, offices, and wherever a small area for prayer is specialized. We have almost 200+ designs; these are some of our best-selling mosque carpets.

Different Types Of Mosque Carpets

Many Islamic countries have a rich history of top-quality carpets. We are the most trusted supplier of prayer carpets with traditional designs. Their detailing is proof of quality craftsmanship.

Afghan Carpets

Get premium quality afghan masjid carpets with gorgeous patterns.

Turkish Carpets

These carpets are known for their attractive artwork reflecting the Islamic culture.

Persian Carpets

We provide 100% real Persian carpets made of natural wool and cotton.


Our customer support team will guide you through your shopping process for quick and simple experience.

Unique Designs of Our Masjid Carpets

We are the leading company offering various masjid carpets with unique designs and attractive textures. Islamic cultural heritage is embedded in the design of mosque carpets.

Mosque Carpets MC-306


Mosque Carpets MC-305


Mosque Carpets MC-304


Mosque Carpets MC-303


Mosque Carpets MC-302


Mosque Carpets MC-301


Mosque Carpets MC-308


Mosque Carpets MC-307


Hire Our Professionals For Fast Installation of Masjid Carpets

Flooring Dubai is the best platform to get luxurious and glorious masjid carpets. Our team of professionals always completes the installation of carpets on time. They use efficient methods and tools to complete their installation task professionally.

Our carpet installers are highly experienced in installing carpets of all sizes in the mosque. Perfect installation is vital to get a smooth surface and a longer lifespan. Don’t compromise on the quality of installation; hire our experts for top-notch mosque carpets installation services.

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We Offer Custom Mosque Carpets In Dubai

We have an extensive range of designs, colors, sizes, and patterns of masjid carpets. You can get specific types, like Turkish, Persian, or Afghan carpets.

Our company offers customization carpets in the pattern, size, color, and design of masjid carpets according to your choices or the interior design of your prayer area. Get custom masjid carpets from us at affordable prices.

Why Choose Us?

When buying carpets for the mosque, you need to look at the best company. Flooring Dubai is the leading carpet and rug company in Dubai. We offer a wide range of designs and patterns of mosque carpets at pocket-friendly rates. Get the installation of carpets in your mosque by our expert carpet installers. Contact us to get the fastest services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, carpets can be customized according to the floor size of the mosque. We offer customization options in the sizes, colors, textures, and materials of masjid carpets.

These carpets are typically made of high-quality wool, silk, or nylon. You can try 100% natural materials to give the mosque a traditional look. On the other hand, we also offer synthetic carpets, which give a modern look.

A well-maintained mosque carpet can last up to 10 years or more. The expected lifespan of these carpets depends on the quality of the materials, maintenance routine, and foot traffic.

Mosque floor carpets should be cleaned regularly to ensure longevity and hygiene. It is recommended to have our professional cleaning services every 1-2 years or more frequently if they receive heavy foot traffic.

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