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We are the best Antiseptic Hospital Flooring Dubai Services Provider in UAE.

Looking to buy compatible flooring that tolerates high traffic and feet shuffling? We suggest installing hospital vinyl flooring. Due to Covid-19, everyone becomes health-conscious, so we manufactured our flooring by keeping in mind the health safety of your patient. We offer hygienic and durable hospital flooring Dubai at a very reasonable price.

We at Flooring Dubai present you customized and complete flooring for hospitals that complements the floor of your hospital, whether its reception area or operation theater. We are the leading floor supplier and installer in UAE since 2003, offering low-maintenance, anti-slip, and anti-bacterial LMH flooring at market competitive price ranges. Do contact us, we are more than happy to serve you.

We are Top-Rated Hospital Flooring Dubai Supplier

Health care clinics and hospitals need a calm, sophisticated, and hygienic atmosphere. Usually, hospital Grade vinyl flooring plays a crucial role in maintaining a hygiene environment because it combats high foot traffic. If you’re thinking to replace ordinary flooring with hospital vinyl flooring in your clinics or hospitals; Flooring Dubai is the leading Hospital grade flooring supplier across UAE.

We uniquely manufactured Hospital flooring Dubai to keep hospitals super hygienic, soothing, and durable. We engineer the most innovative, sustainable, anti-bacterial hospital floor coverings by rigorously following all safety standards.


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Most Innovative Hospital Flooring in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

Flooring Dubai carries a versatile collection of hospital vinyl floorings for antibacterial flooring hospitals. Our hospital room floors are easy to sterilize, easy to clean, breeze easy to maintain, and can withstand high-temperature deviation, foot shuffling, and high foot traffic.

Not it all, our innovative collection of hospital flooring Dubai also has anti-skid, high durability, and ultimate performance characteristics. Flooring Dubai brings innovation in floorings for the patient rooms, emergency rooms, laboratories, and operating room flooring options. Do contact us and hire our expert staff for innovative designs of flooring in Dubai and all over the UAE.

Hospital Flooring Dubai

Our Versatile Range of Hospital Flooring Featured Services

  • Hospital Bathroom Flooring

We want our patients and staff to feel comfortable and be protected in wet areas like bathrooms and toilets. To avoid slipping on the wet flooring like bathrooms, showers, and toilets we present the hospital bathroom flooring in Dubai at very reasonable prices. We are a top-notch firm in UAE offering hygienic, anti-slippery, anti-bacterial Amri flooring with fast fixing and installation service.

  • Hospital Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floors give a glossy and reflective appearance, this flooring is famous for hospital areas. To make your hospital flooring Dubai more durable and glossy, you can use an epoxy coating. It also protects your floor from germs and cannot easily damage from wear and tear. Install our hospital epoxy flooring and make your hospital floors a more appealing look.

Hospital Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is considered the most reliable floor for hospitals because of its durability and hygienic feature. Linoleum gives non-slippery and comfy properties which are essential for hospital floors. Buy our hospital linoleum flooring in Dubai at a market competitive price range and give a chic look to your hospitals.

  • Hospital Rubber Flooring

Looking to buy protected flooring for your hospitals? Buy our rubber flooring for hospitals. This flooring protects the staff and patient from falling and slipping because our hospital rubber flooring comes with anti-slipping properties. We also offer hospital flooring Dubai installation at very reasonable prices. Do contact us and hire our expert staff today for the fast fixing and installation of the gerflor hospital flooring.

Hospital Flooring Dubai
Hospital Flooring Dubai

Buy Hospital Vinyl Flooring Dubai From Us

For the hygienic purpose of the hospitals, we strive to offer the finest quality hospital flooring in UAE. we manufactured hospital vinyl flooring according to the needs of the customers and our antibacterial flooring has been used for 15 years in many well-reputed hospitals in Dubai.

Whether you are looking for hospital-grade vinyl flooring, hospital-grade linoleum flooring, or vinyl flooring for operation theater we have all in one roof. Do contact us and get our proficient services.


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The Uniqueness Of Our Hospital Floor Collection

Hospital flooring Dubai never is chosen carelessly. Good flooring represents your hospital’s image, provides you an antibacterial atmosphere, increases patient satisfaction, and improves safety. We offer you the most innovative and hygiene fortis flooring for hospitals.

Some core features are

  • Slip-resistant & prevent tripping
  • Easy to sanitation, cleaning & maintenance
  • Shock and noise absorption
  • Withstand high traffic and heavy loads
  • Aesthetic uniform look
  • Affordable and easy to install
Hospital Flooring Dubai

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Why Choose Us?

Flooring Dubai is a leading hospital floorings supplier in Dubai, UAE, and has been offering supreme quality hospital vinyl flooring products since 2003. We’re offering the most innovative floorings at market competitive rates across UAE.

We are not only providing hospital flooring Dubai, we have certified professionals to handle the complete installation and repair jobs. We offer cost-effective installation services. Call us now and get the unmatched professional hospital flooring service.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Today PVC vinyl flooring is quite popular to be used in hospitals. The reason for being so much to use is its antibacterial properties, it is easy to clean and highly resistant to slips and trips.

Flooring Dubai is a known brand for offering the best hospital flooring solutions. Along with multiple outstanding options, you can also get further flooring fixing & installation services here & under your budget.

Hospital Flooring Dubai

Our Proven Success

No one can do a better job than the Flooring Dubai team. I was looking for the best contractors for my hospital flooring & I am glad that I consider their services. Perfect on-time service with incredibly accurate installation and finish. Impressed!

Abdel Fattah