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Are you looking for Wallpaper Fixing Dubai services? You are at the right place. We provide wallpaper Fitting in UAE services all over the UAE. We install wallpaper without any flaw or bubble between the wall and wallpaper.


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Get Fast Wallpaper Fixing Dubai, UAE 2023

With such a broad range of colors textures and patterns, wallpapering a wall can make your room a style statement. The range for calculating how much wallpaper is required for wallpaper fixing Dubai, we measure the width of your walls then divide the total width of your wallpaper. Then we take measurements of the height of your room and multiply it by the number of drops. This will provide you the required meterage. Divide the meterage on the wallpaper’s length, minus the repeat pattern indicated on the packaging. It is better to buy 10% extra to allow for the wastage.

For preparing your wall, we remove the old wallpaper first (if any) using steam and then allow the wall to dry completely. Well, they fill the holes and make the wall smooth and even. If you want to decorate your whole room, it is better to finish up your ceiling, painting, and skirting Dubai before wallpaper fitting in Abu Dhabi. It will provide a fine finishing. We follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for applying wallpaper on the wall.

Wallpaper Fixing Dubai is quicker and easier to hang because the paper doesn’t need soaking. We suggest removing the furniture out of the room or placing it at the center of the room and cover it with a dust sheet. Before applying the wallpaper. We install the wallpaper and make it look flawless. We are the best service provider of Wallpaper Fitting in Dubai.


Our customer support team will guide you through your shopping process for quick and simple experience.

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If you are going to install the wallpaper then before starting the wallpaper fixing in Abu Dhabi, keep our instructions in mind.

Do not forget to use gloves when using the filler. Secondly, wear your safety goggles and gloves before cleaning the surface with sugar soap. When you start the sanding process, for wallpaper fitting Dubai do not forget to ventilate the room and wear the dust mask and goggles. When you start using the adhesive paste, wear your safety goggles and handle it carefully. Wash off the paste that gets in touch with your skin.

Before applying wallpaper near sockets, disconnect the power from them. When you are using the ladder, ensure to move it regularly in order to avoid stretching.

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Advantages of Wallpaper Fixit Service

Wallpaper fitting and installation in Dubai is beneficial in so many ways. It not only looks beautiful but it protects your walls as well.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Wallpaper Fitting Dubai

  • Wallpapers last up to 20 years and more which makes them a cost-effective wall treatment. If the wallpaper is installed properly, it will last 3 times as long as the paint stays.
  • Wallpaper easily and smoothly sticks to the wall. It hides all the imperfections of your wall.
  • It successfully adds the depth, warmth, and style to your room that simple paint fails to provide.
  • Lovely textures, beautiful designs, intriguing prints have a great impact on your home décor.
  • The wallpaper fixing in Dubai creates a style statement to your room with an incredible selection of lovely effects like pearls, glitter, gels, foils, beads, etc.
Advantages of Wallpaper Fixing in Dubai

Why Choose Us for Wallpaper Fitting?

At Flooring Dubai, we provide the best wallpaper sticking services in UAE. No matter which kind of wallpaper you want to get installed in your room, we can do it for you. We are certified no1 professional wallpaper installation service providers in UAE.

Call us and discuss how your wallpaper is and when you need our installation services. Book a slot and our team of Wallpaper Fixing Dubai will reach you at an exact time. We provide the best wallpaper removal Dubai and wallpaper fitting services all across the United Arab Emirates. We do not charge much. We are known for our reasonable cost. We try to serve our clients at the minimum possible rate. All we want is to make our clients happy and fully satisfied.

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