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Get the Traditional Arabic Majlis To Your Place in UAE

A traditional Arabic majlis in your place can leave an impressive impact on your guests. Our traditional and modern settings of majlis in Dubai provide a premium sitting area to conduct important Islamic or political discussions.

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We Are the Top Provider of Arabic Majlis in Dubai

We understand the importance of traditional majlis sitting rooms in Arab countries. Our company has years of experience providing Arabic interior design in Dubai.

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If you don’t know about the measurements of your area and the other aspect of choosing a majlis setting in your place, contact our designers. Our creative designers will suggest the right design and sitting settings for Arabian Majlis in your place.

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We Provide Different Types of Majlis Style

Setting the traditional Arabic furniture in Dubai for important discussions or gatherings of important persons has always been in the traditions. Here are some different types of majlis to use in your home.

Arabic Majlis

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with our luxury majlis furniture in Dubai.

Moroccan Majlis

This style features low-seated couches and cushions, metalwork, and carved wood details.

Outdoor Majlis

Get our contemporary majlis design in Dubai for gardens, patios, and terraces.

Benefits of Our Arabic Majlis in Dubai

Stylish Appearance

We follow all the traditional settings of Arabian majlis in Dubai to provide a gorgeous appearance.

Cultural Experience

Our majlis settings in Dubai provides an attractive and remarkable experience for locals and visitors.


These settings provide a comfortable and cozy environment with low-seated couches and Majlis cushions.


These Majlis settings are carried out for important discussions that create connections with each other.

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Our Arabic Majlis Seating Arrangments

We provide everything to set up the majlis in Arabic style. You can decide the theme of the majlis according to your choice. We have traditional and modern designs of majlis to provide the welcoming atmosphere to your guests.

Low-Seated Sofas
Customized Arabic Majlis Dubai

We Provide the Arabic Majlis Interior Design in Dubai

Having an important meeting in an Arabic sitting room in Dubai will provide a pleasant experience. We provide fast services without compromising on quality. Our professional team can instantly set up the majlis in Arabian style at your place. Get the latest designs of majlis settings and the fastest installation services at very reasonable prices.

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Our customers are satisfied with our top-notch Arabic majlis seating arrangements in Dubai. Being at the top interior designing company, we provide luxurious majlis arrangments. You can get different designs and themes of majlis according to your choice. We provide our professional services in every city in UAE.

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Why Choose Us?

We are the biggest provider of majlis in Arabic style. Our company has completed hundreds of majlis projects in different cities of UAE. All our products of majlis setting are made of the highest quality material; to ensure extreme durability. You will get the most luxurious majlis carpets and rugs in Dubai from us. Call us to get the traditional or modern majlis decor in Dubai.

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We offer our customers a free consultation to help them choose from the latest and traditional majlis designs.

Quality Materials

We provide top-quality majlis sofas, tables, cushions, curtains, floor coverings, and other Arabic furniture in Dubai.

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Our record of complete customer satisfaction makes us the best majlis interior designing company in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Arabic sofas are traditionally designed for comfort and relaxation. They are typically low to the ground and have deep Majlis cushions in Dubai, which provide a comfortable seating experience. We offer custom majlis designs in Dubai. You can enhance the comfort of our Arabic sofas in Dubai by requesting extra softness.

Comfortable seating is a crucial element of a traditional majlis. While majlis lighting and decor in Dubai also play important roles in providing the traditional look. Get the best majlis interior design ideas in Dubai from our creative designers.

We provide everything from Arabic-style furniture, sofas, painting services, and curtains to lighting for your place. You can get a whole package of majlis setup and buy a single piece according to your needs and requirements.

We are one of the best places to buy Arabic majlis furniture in Dubai. You need to choose the theme or decor style of the majlis for your place. We have traditional and modern decor styles for majlis in Dubai. Call our consultants to show you some of the best designs for traditional sitting rooms.


Our customer support team will guide you through your shopping process for quick and simple experience.

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