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Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) flooring is also known as rubber granulates EPDM rubber tiles and EPDM rubber floorings. It is an advanced form of poured rubber flooring and EPDM Flooring Dubai made of rubber granules & binder that makes your playgrounds, pools nearby areas, gym, and interior, exterior sports ground surfaces even smooth and uniform. EPDM tiles are also highly compatible and useful for stairs, stables, and garages.

Alike multiple thousand other satisfied customers, if you want to equip your floors with EPDM; Flooring Dubai can efficiently do that for you as we are the best EPDM tile flooring company that has been providing great quality rubber flooring since 2003. We have an eco-friendly, waterproof, and highly durable collection of rubber granules floorings. Along with all kinds of EPDM floors, we are also offering professional EPDM flooring installation services at affordable rates.


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EPDM Flooring Available in Unique & Modish Colors

Flooring Dubai is the largest supplier of EPDM floors and has a wide collection of EPDM rubber floorings. We can craft customized designs of EPDM Flooring Dubai onto your playgrounds, workout, and sports center surfaces. We also carry an infinite number of ergonomic colors including brick, blue-grey, Capri blue, beige, yellow, eggshell, pearl, Patine green, turquoise, teal, the earth rose, and many more.


Types of EPDM Flooring

EPDM floors can be used in a versatile kind of applications and come in various types. Flooring Dubai carries all types of EPDM rubber flooring and can efficiently install for any purpose or application. Our versatile collection includes

  • EPDM flooring for playgrounds, interior, and exterior sports areas
  • EPDM granules for pools & nearby places
  • Liquid EPDM rubber for weathered fiberglass and sponge rubber insulation
  • Liquid RV roof for ridged metal roofs
  • EPDM sheet flooring for recreational areas and motor homes

Why Choose Us?

Flooring Dubai is the largest producer of EPDM floors and has been offering quality floorings for decades at affordable rates. We carry a comprehensive range of EPDM Flooring in every color and texture. Flooring Dubai also has certified professionals and offer you cost-effective flooring installation. Call us now and get the ever best experience.

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