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Best Antistatic Vinyl Flooring Dubai Supplier

Antistatic flooring is the emerging and most innovative flooring solution for electrical and electronics related industries & commercial centers. We build it by our 8-step unique formulation with tiny carbon fibers and coating upon tiles to make them antistatic vinyl flooring tiles permanently. It is highly sustainable, looks beautiful, and practical flooring solution. Flooring Dubai brings the best antistatic vinyl flooring Dubai and antistatic vinyl tiles to give you more functional antistatic vinyl floors.

These are ideal for many applications and uniquely designed with premium material to suit your specific requirements. Our top-quality Polyflor antistatic vinyl has homogenous ESD tiles characteristics and highly comply with data center, call center, electronics warehouses, and control room applications. We’re the only leading supplier of antistatic flooring, which is offering great quality products at competitive prices. Flooring Dubai also offers you cost-effective Antistatic Vinyl Flooring Dubai installation on a single phone call.


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Versatile Benefits of Antistatic Vinyl Flooring Dubai 

  • It has moister resistance, fire resistance, and noise reduction characteristics
  • It is soundproof, antibacterial, and easy to clean ESD antistatic flooring
  • It can tolerate high temperature, heavy loads, high traffic, and high pressure up to 2000PSI
  • Antistatic vinyl flooring Dubai provides you with comprehensive protection to static charge
  • It comes in marble style ergonomic look, sleek designs, comprehensive safety and comfort
  • Antistatic vinyl sheet flooring highly durable, easy to install, and easy to repair
  • It withstands high traffic, foot shuffling, reduce damages upon falling fragile or electronic components
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Applications of Antistatic Vinyl Flooring Dubai 

Flooring Dubai innovates more advanced antistatic vinyl flooring that complies with many electrical and electronics production area floorings. Our collection complies with Antistatic Vinyl Flooring Dubai.

  • Data Center
  • Call Center
  • Control units
  • Computer control panel rooms
  • Digital workshop
  • Electronic production and research laboratories
  • Biotech labs and hospital emergency rooms
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Why Choose Us?

  • Flooring Dubai is the leading antistatic vinyl flooring supplier across UAE
  • We offer a versatile collection of Armstrong antistatic VCT floors
  • We have a team of certified professionals to serve you efficiently Antistatic vinyl flooring Dubai.
  • We are 24/7 a week available
  • We offer great quality at the most affordable rates
  • We are also offering antistatic vinyl flooring installation

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