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Transform Your Space with Our Premium LVT Flooring in Dubai

We provides stylish and luxurious vinyl floor tiles at discounted rates. You will get different floor designs, patterns, and texture options for your LVT flooring project from us.

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Get Our LVT Flooring For Your Homes and Offices in Dubai

Make your room more functional with our luxury vinyl flooring solution. The versatile range of textures makes it a perfect choice for both residential or commercial places. You might face the excessive noise of stairs and floors, making your place uncomfortable. Try our lvt flooring dubai to add the warmth of natural wood and enjoy complete noise reduction.

Our tiles are designed to offer many useful features for commercial use. Usually, commercial places in Dubai get heavy foot traffic. We provide the finest quality vinyl floor tile and vinyl plank to ensure that you get all the amazing advantages of a durable flooring. Their quality never lets them get damaged by heavy furniture or high foot traffic.

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Different Types of LVT Flooring in Dubai

At Flooring Dubai, we offer different types of LVT flooring to provide the best solution to our customers. Choose the right type of vinyl tile floor with consultations from our experts.

Glue Down LVT

Glue-down tiles require sticky adhesives to be installed on the subfloor.

Loose Lay LVT

This flooring type comes with a sticky back, eliminating the need for glue.

Click LVT

This easy-to-install flooring type features a click-lock installation system.

Explore Our Design and Style Options for Lvt Click Flooring


Wooden Textures

We offer wood-look designs like oak, maple, hickory, and more. These tiles provide the look of real wood floors.

Stone Design

Stone Design

Our stone-look styles include marble, slate, and travertine. You can get the most attractive appearance of your place.


Textured Finishes

We provide the gorgeous textures of our luxury vinyl tile to add a more realistic look to your modern living spaces.

Solid Colors

Solid Colors

Create a clean and sophisticated look with our solid color luxury vinyl tile flooring. You can also get custom-coloured vinyl tiles.

Latest LVT Floor Designs in Dubai
Benefits Of Installing Our LVT Flooring

The versatile range of designs makes vinyl tile flooring the most desirable treatment in Dubai. You can install them for any place in your home. Here are some amazing benefits of getting this cheap flooring.

Stylish Look

We have designed our tiles in realistic and modern textures to add the elegance of high-end flooring to living spaces.

Easy Maintenance

Save your time by installing our easy-to-clean vinyl tiles in Dubai. Their smooth surface requires less effort at the time of cleaning


Our lvt click flooring is the perfect solution if you are looking for the most durable flooring that can bear heavy foot traffic.

Scratch Resistant

Experience the shiny surface of your flooring, free from scratches. We use a protective layer to provide a best touch.

Why Our LVT Flooring is the Best Choice?

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is made of several layers of PVC and calcium carbonate to provide a rigid covering to your home floors. This heavy-duty flooring is incredibly hard-wearing yet feels soft underfoot.

Robust Construction
Durable LVT Flooring Dubai
Hire Our Team to Install Vinyl Tile Flooring in Your Place

Professional installation and quality adhesive are mandatory to increase the lifespan of vinyl floor tiles. Our experts are famous in UAE for providing the best luxury vinyl flooring installation services in the shortest time. Feel free to contact us and get premium installation services at affordable prices.

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Why Choose Us?

Flooring impacts your home decor significantly. Get our LVT flooring in Dubai to make your room stunning. These tiles are inexpensive, functional, attractive, comfortable, and easy to maintain. You can contact our professionals to get a free quote for the lvt click flooring installation project.

Award Winning Company

Our company has won several international awards for being the fastest-growing flooring company in Dubai.

Perfect Installation

We offer free measurements to our customers to ensure the perfect installation of our vinyl floor tiles in modern living spaces.

Free Samples

Try our free samples of gorgeous flooring textures and designs to see how our LVT floor tiles and vinyl plank will look on your floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

LVT stands for luxury vinyl tile, a type of vinyl flooring. Our flooring products are made from durable materials to make them resistant to scratches, stains, and water. They are made to last for many years even with heavy foot traffic.

Yes, you can install this type of vinyl flooring in your bathrooms, kitchens or laundry areas without worry; they are fully waterproof, making them the best option for moisture-prone spaces. Hire our team to ensure the perfect edge sealing to avoid water penetration to the subfloor.

This is something where you need professional consultation. Our consultants can guide you better after inspecting the condition of your existing floors. Luxury vinyl flooring installation will require a leveled, clean, and damage-free surface.

There is no need to place underlayment for them. They can be easily installed without it. In case there is an uneven surface on your floor, it is suggested to use padding or underlayment for a smooth and stable LVT floor.

Vinyl flooring tiles have several layers of durable materials, making them withstand the impact of foot traffic daily. They do not fade or get damaged in high-traffic areas. Place an order online to buy cheap and durable LVT floor tiles in Dubai from us.

This luxury vinyl flooring solution is available in various textures and designs which can be installed at commercial buildings. You can get real wood, stone, and solid-colored textures from our store. Such designs are very trendy nowadays in Dubai for commercial use.

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