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Get Natural Wooden Flooring in Dubai, UAE

We are the top-rated wooden flooring solutions provider in the Dubai, UAE.

Looking to buy natural wood flooring that complements your home interior? We provide premium flooring services in the UAE in various colours, styles, and finishes of wood. We at flooringdubai.com are offering you a cost-effective way to bring warmth, beauty, and value to your floor.

Being one of the best flooring companies in Dubai, we prefer to give the customer every detail about our product before our customer buys it! This is because our first goal is to satisfy our customers completely with their purchase. Our flooring company provide top-quality wooden flooring tiles in various textures and shades. Buy hardwood flooring from us, and make your home place more appealing.

Add the Charm of Wooden Flooring in Your Place

Wood flooring is a classic and timeless option for those looking to add elegance to their space. Our wooden floor textures will have a major impact on your interior design. It is designed to give the finest makeover to any place instantly. You can select different styles of natural wood for your homes and offices.

Our flooring is made to give your interior a pleasant look with its beautiful patterns. It has a natural aesthetic which enhances the comfort in your place. The grounded look of our wood flooring will give you the mental relaxation. Try our different patterns of the wood to choose the most compatible design for your place.

What Type of Wooden Flooring Do You Prefer?

We provide various kinds of wooden treatments for your place. The two most popular types of wooden floors in Dubai with different features.

Engineered wood flooring
is made by the 100% natural wood to create more stable and durable flooring. This is often more expensive than laminate, but it offers a higher quality, more durable flooring solution that lasts many years.

Laminate wood flooring
is a synthetic material that gives you the look of natural wood. It consists of a layer of wooden texture, a high-density fiberboard, and a protective top layer that resists scratches and stains. Laminate wooden tiles are an affordable option.

Best Quality Wooden Flooring Dubai

Wooden Flooring Collection


Our customer support team will guide you through your shopping process for quick and simple experience.

Features & Benefits of Our Premium Wooden Flooring

Wooden tiles and planks are popular flooring options for residential and commercial spaces. Let’s look at the fantastic features and benefits of our wooden floors.

Low Maintenance

Our wooden flooring requires minimal maintenance and stays fresh longer than other treatments.

Natural Beauty

This flooring offers a natural aesthetic that can enhance the look of any space. Try our different wood styles and patterns.

Easy to Clean

A single mop can easily remove the mud and dirt on our wooden floors. Our smooth wooden floor tiles are very easy to clean.


We have different wood patterns, such as herringbone or chevron, to add a unique and attractive look to your home or office.


This is an eco-friendly flooring option that is renewable. Reduce your carbon consumption and contribute to the environment.

Highly Durable

Our flooring has extra durability as it is made to run for generations with only a refinishing touch after some years.


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WaterProof Flooring Dubai

Why Choose Us?

You will get high-quality hardwood flooring with top-notch installation services at our company. Whether you’re looking to install a new wood floor in any specific room or your entire floor, we are the right provider. You can get suggestions from our consultants to choose the suitable wood material, style, and finish to match your interior design.

After selecting the desired flooring pattern, we send our passionate team for installation work. We have the highest success rate in installing Dubai’s most durable wood flooring. We offer extra offers like free measurements, samples, and consultation to accommodate our customers fully. Contact us at +971554722980 and make the right decision for your floors with our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes, installing hardwood floors in the kitchen is a good idea because they are easy to clean and maintain. Our wooden tiles are fully hygienic, anti-slip, and have versatile patterns.

The most durable hardwood floor available is ebony, cherry, mapple, ash, teak, oak, walnut, or bamboo. These floors are more resistant to damage, scratches, and stains than other options.

No, wooden flooring is not necessarily expensive compared to other flooring materials. There are quality-built affordable options also available. The cost of wooden flooring can vary with the quality and thickness of wooden tiles.


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