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Wood frame customized bed headboard dubai

Customized Bed Headboard Dubai

Most people select simple yet elegant Customized Bed Headboard Dubai for adorning their beds in a real sense. So when you are changing the entire scenario of your place, then focusing on the custom upholstered bed frames is also an obvious and necessary element.

As the bed is such type of custom furniture that you use the most for the sake of taking rest. So our Modular Custom Upholstered Headboards not only keep the beautiful looks of your beds but in fact, they add more appealing features and an enticing beauty to your bedrooms as well.

So the instant elevation of the overall bedroom you must select our luxury custom made beds at affordable rates.


Our customer support team will guide you through your shopping process for quick and simple experience.

Get Our Customized Made Bed Headboards

We have got a large number of Bed Headboard designs and different types of custom bed frames that are manufactured from various materials. These raw materials are of top-quality that will offer you a long-lasting serviceability approach for many years. You can get many intricate designs, vibrant colors, and amazing textures at our showroom from which you can select one according to your needs and taste.

These elegant and capable Customized Headboards can add an air of subtleness to the entire scenario of your place and make them really appealing. The spell-creating Customized bed headboards by our company are the perfect indoor bedroom modifying accessory for you and your home.

Luxury Customized Bed Headboard Dubai

Order Our Customize Headboard Dubai Is Available At Cheap Rates

Economics and budget are considered the most important things while doing customization or even for any purchase of new products as well. So choosing headboard bed from such a company that offers you really affordable pricing approach is a very important thing. Being a customer facilitating company, we always try to keep the price tags as low as possible.

Despite the low prices of our products, we do not even compromise on the quality of these customized headboards for your beds. Besides the completely competitive rates from the market, we also announce different discounts and promotional sales offers on a regular and occasional basis as well.

Top Quality Bed Headboard Dubai

Benefits Of Customize Headboard For Bed

Our top-quality Customized Bed Headboard Dubai comes up in the market with extraordinary benefits are characteristic as well. So after getting these Custom Headboards installed on your premises, you will enjoy innumerable salient features, out of which some are described as:

  • These headboards provide support to your bed.
  • The headboard avoids any kinds of abrasion on the walls.
  • You can give your bedroom a very personal touch by using headboards.
  • These accessories can easily create a perfect space between the heads and walls.
  • With an insulated headboard, you can even maintain the temperature of your bedroom.
  • Sturdy bed headboards can give you better support during sitting as well.

We Offer Bespoke Headboard Services

In case you dislike any design from our gallery, then you can also get Customize Bed Headboard Dubai manufactured on demand. It is quite probable that you have got some idea or have dreamt of some ideal headboard for your beds. So in such a case, you just have to share the details with our experts.

No matter what style does you want and no matter what is the size of your headboard? You only have to mention and tell all the details, like size, your required materials, and the style of your headboard and here you go. We will then provide you with the best custom-made headboard.

Select Right Custom Headboards For Your Beds

We have got various types of headboards in our showroom from which you can select one that can fulfill your needs and requirements as well. So let us have a glimpse of the Customized Bed Headboard Dubai down here:

1. Custom Wood Headboards

Being a traditional material, wood is considered the best and the most appropriate choice for making custom-made headboards in Dubai. You can choose from different varieties of wood as well.

2. Custom Metal Headboard

Headboards made from metals show up an extensive type of serviceability for many eyras. These headboards are very much tough and provide you with the most enticing looks in your interiors.

Customized bed headboard dubai

3. Custom Leather Headboards

Leather is the most appealing and most good-looking material that you can get for the customization of your headboards. It can give you the best looks and a royal feel behind your head as well.

4. Custom Linen Headboards

Linen is also used as Customized Bed Headboard Dubai customizing fabric because of its allergic-free nature and is easy to clean as well. Linen is a washable fabric, so maintenance is very easy.

5. Custom Metal & Wood Combined Headboards

You can also customize your headboards mixing metal and wood details in it. A combination of both these materials makes the overall looks of your headboards really spell-creating and mesmerizing as well.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can easily attach headboards to any kind of frame. No matter if you have an existing frame, you can get a customized bed headboard Dubai for it.

An ideal headboard must be 4 inches wider than the bed, and its height from the mattress depends upon the size of your bed. Generally, it ranges from 14 inches to 58 inches.

If you see any gap between the headboard and the mattress, then never consider it a flaw. This gap is necessary in order to change the bedsheets easily.

Why Choose Us For Customize Bed Headboard Dubai?

Our company is the largest headboard manufacturing and supplying company in Dubai. We have been for many years, serving people with our top-quality products. Flooring Dubai is the most reliable and trustworthy brand in the customization market.

Get 100% customer satisfaction of customized bed headboard Dubai. We have got such a professional expert crew that knows how to work and they are knowledgeable about everything as well. Our company delivers all the products and services to your doorstep, no matter in which part of the state you live.

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