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Sisal Carpet Dubai
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Luxury Sisal Carpet Dubai
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Sisal Carpet Dubai

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Buy Affordable Sisal Carpet Dubai

Natural fiber rugs and carpets are getting famous day by day. Natural fiber sisal carpet Dubai is made with renewable material that will give you green flooring options. From jute to coir, and seagrass to wool, there are a number of options available for natural fiber carpet at Flooring Dubai but sisal is one of the famous carpeting options. Sisal carpet in Dubai is made from the fiber of the sisal plant. At flooring Dubai, you will get the best carpet in the whole UAE.

Features of Sisal Carpet Dubai

  1. This carpet is biodegradable and sustainable.
  2. It is long-lasting and durable. People love to place sisal rugs under their dining table.
  3. If you have any kind of allergy, install a sisal carpet Dubai in your room. It is anti-allergen.
  4. Floor carpets effectively control humidity because it is anti-static.
  5. Floor carpet Dubai offer sound insulation
  6. There is no need to incorporate artificial colors or chemicals into your sisal rugs. Also, they do not fade with sunlight.
  1. Sisal makes you feel good and pleasant when you walk on. It works as an exfoliate to your foot.
  2.  These carpets are also available in hybrid form. They get hybrid with wool to make beautiful sisal wool carpet.
  3. Sisal carpets in Dubai are not recommended to use in wet areas like the kitchen, washroom, etc.
  4. They are sisal carpet Dubai very easy to clean


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Benefits of Sisal Carpet Dubai 

At, you can buy this carpet in any design. Sisal’s natural color makes it able to blend with any interior. So just have to implement a bit of creativity and your home will look beautiful all day long. Anyhow, let’s take a look at the advantages of Sisal Carpet Dubai.

Resistance to Stains

Cleaning rugs can be a difficult task but this is not the case with sisal rugs and carpets. They are very easy to clean. Moreover, they offer strong stain resistance. You can clean your carpet easily at home.


At flooring Dubai, the gorgeous sisal carpet Dubai is available at a very low price. It takes a very long time to notice any wear and tear signs on the carpet. Well, this means that they are going to last for a long time and you do not need to buy carpets years after years.


Comfort Sisal Carpets Dubai

Unlike other carpets, sisal carpets Dubai are electric shock resistant. You can place your sisal rugs in Dubai without any fear of electric shocks. Moreover, sisal rugs are very warm and comfortable. They are good to be installed especially in winters.

Cheap Sisal Carpet Dubai

These Sisal carpets Dubai are less expensive and more durable than other rugs. Sisal rugs look beautiful with any interior and every class of people can afford them. Buy a sisal carpet and forget buying another carpet for years.

Sisal Carpet Dubai

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Why Choose Us?

At Flooring Dubai, we are the top Sisal carpet Dubai supplier in UAE. Our handwoven sisal carpets are the best choice for your home. With a wide range of colors available, you can find the perfect carpet to match your decor. While our sisal carpets are usually plain, you can also order customized options to suit your preferences.

We have customized sisal carpeting available in every shape and size, so now no need to worry about size issues. We offer sisal carpets and rugs at less than the market price. Our sisal products are famous in the UAE because of their quality. Place your order right now to get amazing discounts on sisal carpeting.

Check online or visit our store to see our beautiful carpet in Dubai. If you are not sure about the quality of our carpets, then we can send you a free sample to satisfy yourself. If you have any questions, call us at 0544366566 or send us an email at Our team is readily available to help you with sisal carpet Dubai.

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