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Do you want to adorn your space? Now Flooring Dubai offers PVC skirting Dubai at affordable prices. We’ve got a variety of exclusive skirting styles and patterns.

PVC Skirting gives a trendy appearance to your floor

The best part of floors with a range of features is PVC skirting Dubai. For protection or decorative purposes, a PVC skirt may add. We’ve got a variety of exclusive skirting styles and patterns. We sell PVC floor skirting Dubai that protects the joints between the surface of the wall and the ground.

It hides and protects against all kicking and abrasions of the walls and floorings’ uneven borders. Flooring Dubai offers the best and high-quality goods and services in the PVC deck Skirting category. Our Skirting in UAE can build around the stairs and a deck that adds an elegant and trendy appearance. In terms of versatility and flexibility, our PVC flexible Skirting boards are fine.


Our customer support team will guide you through your shopping process for quick and simple experience.

Features and Benefits of PVC skirting

  1. 100% waterproof – ideal for an environment with high humidity.
  2. Sustainable and robust – PVC floor Skirting is dental, scratch, and scuff resistant.
  3. Back recess – perfect for electric wires to conceal.
  4. Environmentally-friendly this Skirting is made of recycled polystyrene.
  1. This skirting helps to prove the flood of your home.
  2. The Skirting materials are as polished as wood, making them cheaper and more appealing if you’re on a budget.
  3. In some regions of the house, White PVC Skirting boards Dubai usually preferred. Like that, it’s suitable for a bathroom because of the lack of moisture in the plastic. A ‘plastic feel’ would give a fresh and modern view of a bathroom.

Installation of PVC skirting

  • As we all know, installing skirting makes the floor easy to maintain. Please follow these below steps to install PVC skirting Dubai:
  • It should ensure that all surfaces to be fixed are bright, dry, smooth, and free of contaminants.
  • Wall surfaces must not be sealed, lined, or chemical adhesive to patch them.
  • Put in place and use a pencil to mark the wall with a piece of the skirt as a measuring guide to guide adhesive applications.
  • Every inner and outer corner should cut with a miter.
  • Apply one of the adhesives mentioned below and follow the instructions for use from the manufacturer.

Note: Only in that section of the wall is the adhesive applied, where the vertical surface in the sitting surface is associated, not at the base of the skirt or floor.

  • Connect both surfaces and press evenly through the skirt to remove any air bubble and to make full contact with the wall.

Why Choose Us?

Flooringdubai.com is one of the best PVC skirting suppliers in Dubai, so we have a wide range of PVC floor skirting Dubai designs that can help you choose the right solution. We offer the custom package to make your skirts designs as well as imports of skirts, which comply with international standards for your design. Buy our skirting for modular kitchens in Dubai and Our analyst also helps you choose the best skirting for your office, store, or for your house.

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