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Are you looking for a stair carpet Dubai? Choose us for buying high quality cheap stair roll because we provide top quality stairs carpet in Dubai & Abu Dhabi at low rates.


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Stair Carpets Dubai for Beauty and Protection

If your stairs look messy and you want to organize them into beautiful ones, then Stair Carpet Dubai is the best choice for your stairs. These carpets can transform a grimy-looking runner into an attractive one.

Flooring Dubai provides you with the best carpets all over the UAE. There are many options available in the market for stairs such as tiles, floorings, but we advise you to use Stairroll in Abu Dhabi for your runners because there is nothing like them as these modern carpets give a royal Mughal look to your hallways.

The trend of carpets is so old that you can see the look of palaces of the ottoman empire and you find these carpets on their stairs. Carpet runners are not only a sign of beauty and glory but they also protect your stairs from wear and tear as stairs are the heavy traffic area of the home. Our store provides you almost 200+ ideas to decorate your stairs from our Stair Carpet Dubai.


Our customer support team will guide you through your shopping process for quick and simple experience.

Types and Benefits of Stair Carpet

We are providing you with different stair roll runners, you can select any one of them. Each type has its own benefits so which suits your stairs, you can select them.

The type of Stair carpet Dubai that we are providing for stairs are stripes carpets, retro carpets, cotton carpets, home pride carpets, blacksmith carpets, Roger Oates carpets, wool runners, stairway carpets, leather border carpets, interior design carpets, geometric runners, alternative flooring carpets, tell Enzo carpets, carpet treads, bespoke carpets, floor carpets, Crucial trading Mississippi carpet runners, and many more.

You can select one of them and can also design your own runners with the help of our designers. If you are a peace lover and don’t want to hear the messy noise of walking on stairs, then our carpets are the best solution for your stairs to minimize the sounds of children running on stairs.

Our Stair Carpet Dubai gives your stairs an astonishing look, makes them smooth to wall on, and also minimizes the risk of slipping on stairs.

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Perfect Stair Roll Dubai Installation

When you are installing the Stair roll Dubai, you should have proper tools if you want to fit it perfectly. The basic tools that experts use are a stapler, cutting tool, knee-kicker, and obviously the carpeting. Our experts use two methods for the installation of stair carpets. The first is the French cap method, and the second one is the waterfall method.

French Cap Method

This method is unique and gives an outstanding look to your stairs when you install your carpet following the technique. In this method, stair roll carpet Dubai is cut into pieces according to each step and then fold the carpet from the corner to make a ridge.

Experts use this style to make stairs look more presentable and glossy. This method gives more control over the stairs and can be installed on every type of stairs such as cap stairs, pie stairs, Hollywood stairs, and bullnoses. It is ideally fit for different types of stairs.

Waterfall Method

This method is most commonly used for the installation of Stair Carpets Dubai. In this method, we attach the carpet to the end of the stair and then drop the carpet down like a waterfall. That’s why this method is called a waterfall method.

This method is popular for thick stair carpets Dubai as the cutting of thick carpet is difficult and we cannot use the French cap method for them. It is the easiest, simplest and fastest method for the installation of carpet for steps.

Why Choose Us?

There are many companies in Dubai that provide carpets for stairs but Flooring Dubai is the best store that provides high-quality Stair runner carpet Dubai to its customers.

Free Carpet Sampling

You can also get a free sampling of your selected carpet material for complete satisfaction.

Free Online Quotation

Our experts offer free quotations about any chosen carpet to customers as per their demand.

Professional Craftsmanship

We utilize modern techniques and reliable tools to professionally craft these soft flooring. 

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Stair Carpet In Abu Dhabi

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

The most suitable and preferable material option is polypropylene(olefin) because it is highly durable, slip-retardant, and resistant to stains, wear and tear. In addition to that, you can get your hands on jute, brocade, acrylic, polyester, and nylon as per your preferences.

Yes! You can put carpet on risers and treads to improve the overall look, style, and comfort. These coverings not only enhance warmth and insulation but also suppress footstep noise and protect against sudden falls and trips, ensuring physical safety.

Flooring Dubai stands out as the most reputable supplier of top-quality options for staircase covering. We stock modern, classic, and traditional options with tremendous design, pattern, material, and color range at highly affordable rates.

To get the precise details about the riser and tread, use a tape measure for length and width. You can get our free service regarding measurement to get the accurate dimensions for the respective number of steps and determine the exact size of the carpet as well.

Yes! We provide carpet installation services for every type of stairs in your residential and commercial buildings. You can schedule a suitable slot with our team and be sure of the flawless experience with our worker’s expertise.

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