Discover The Most Expensive Flooring Solution To Install

Discover The Most Expensive Flooring Options To Install In Your Space

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Home renovation is quite an important task to do after some specific period of time or with a change in the trend. Most homeowners like to add a luxurious touch to their spaces to elevate the look of their living area. So, if you are in search of any interior product which can add worth to your property, opting for a luxurious flooring solution can be a good option.

Well, there are some floor coverings available in the market which cost you literally high and add brilliant value to your living space. So, here in this article, we will explore some of the most expensive floor coverings to install in your area, which comes up with fantastic functionalities. People who are looking to add a splurge to their home decor statement, they can consider the following high-end flooring options and can enhance the overall appearance of their places.

Cost Of Opulence | The Most Expensive Flooring Solutions To Consider

We have mentioned a few of the top most expensive flooring solutions which you can get installed in your living places. However, the cost of your home floor depends on various factors which can increase or decrease its value. Here we will discuss everything in detail so that you can make the right choice for your property.

1. Consider The Most Expensive Flooring | Hardwood

Consider The Most Expensive Flooring Hardwood

In the list of most costly floor coverings, Wooden floors come at the top because of their aesthetic appearance and fantastic functionalities. It is the world’s most expensive floor to get installed in any home area to add class and brilliant value. It is not costly just because of its real wood appearance but also because it has some phenomenal features with which it comes up.

Moreover, the complexity of installation for this flooring also makes it highly priced. You cannot get it to fit into your space by yourself. You will always require a professional’s help for its installation, and after every 5 to 6 years, it requires refinishing so that it can run for generations with you. All these factors together make this hardwood flooring solution an expensive option.

2. Mosaic Tile Flooring Comes Up With A High Price Tag

Mosaic Tile Flooring Comes Up With A High Price Tag

Mosaic floor covering is a unique type of tile flooring that amazingly increases the resale value of your home and makes it look luxurious. This high-end covering can literally cost you AED per square foot and even higher, depending upon the complexity of design and installation, because, just like a hardwood floor, it is not a DIY project and requires a professional installation service.

Also, it gets manufactured with small pieces of tiles and stone, which make it a highly sustainable option to opt for both your residential and commercial areas. In addition, it is available in a vast versatility so that you can choose the perfect flooring option according to the style of your area interior and can create a lavishly attractive appearance.

3. Marble Floor: A High-end Flooring Installation

Marble Floor A High-end Flooring Installation

Next comes the marble flooring solution, which is highly priced in the entire market of floors for your area. It is available in an extensive variety, letting you select right according to your area requirements and your own personal preferences.

You will surely need the help of a professional for its perfect fitting in your area, which will increase its cost but will add brilliant worth to your place. This outstanding marble tile flooring is a popular choice among homeowners nowadays because of its low-maintenance feature and the touch of style that it adds to your interior.

4. Granite | The Most Luxurious & High-rated Option

Granite The Most Luxurious & High-rated Option

This excellent type of tile flooring which is coming up in the form of granite, adds a perfect touch of opulence to your area while costing you really high. Its construction material is what makes it a costly and high-quality flooring option. This high-end and functional floor covering can run for years with no severe damage, thus saving your investment for a long period.

Moreover, it is highly resistant to scratches, stains, and spills, which increases its worth among all other flooring options, and because of its excellent strength, you can install it in high foot-activity areas. Besides, it makes your place’s interior worth admiring, which is another factor that makes it a worth-investing choice.

5. Terrazzo Floor Covering Surprisingly Costs You Really High

Terrazzo Floor Covering Surprisingly Costs You Really High

You can opt for this highly practical flooring solution, as well, which adds a perfect touch of style to your home while coming up with excellent durability factor, fantastic versatility, and flexible design. The thing which makes it stand in the list of most expensive floor coverings is that you can install it in any commercial place, and it will run for decades with no wear and tear.

In addition, the fitting of this flooring solution actually requires a lot of labor which means you have to spend on hiring a professional who can perfectly install this floor in your space. Also, you can install it even in moisture-prone areas like basements, kitchens, and bathrooms because it has an outstanding nature of being waterproof.

Bringing It All Together!

Making a choice on the right floor covering for your home is a crucial decision that should be taken while considering your budget and lifestyle. So, if you want to add a perfect touch of luxury to your property, you can opt for any of the mentioned flooring solutions and can upgrade your living space amazingly while complementing the entire decor statement.

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