Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews And Guide | Pros and Cons

The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews And Guide | Pros and Cons

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Whenever it comes to the installation of flooring in the living place. People most often get confused about which floor covering they should get installed. And, look for such an option that is durable enough and gives their home an aesthetic look while coming up at the most affordable price. Fulfilling all these desires, manufacturers introduced the most amazing vinyl flooring, which tends to give your house a luxury look with its elegant appearance.

But, before making a purchase, it will be wise of you to consider its bright and dark aspects. So that getting yourself entertained by its legit perks, you should know how to overcome its drawbacks. Although vinyl flooring is popular enough here in this article, its major advantages and disadvantages are explained in a very explained manner.

Bewildering Benefits Of Vinyl Plank (Luxury Vinyl) Flooring


First thing first, here are some amazing benefits of this beautifully designed vinyl plank flooring through which you can get yourself entertained in so many ways. These features will amuse you and make you make a purchase on it. These are as follows.

1. Installation Process Can Be Done By Yourself


The major benefit of this amazing floor covering is that the advancements have made it DIY friendly, and it can be installed easily. You can save your money by getting this task done on your own without hiring professional flooring services. All you need is to get yourself prepared with some necessary equipment and you are good to go for the installation of this home flooring. Thus, making your dearest home space much more attractive.

Firstly, prepare the room by removing all the baseboards and shoe moldings, then cut the planks accordingly into your desired lengths. Prepare the subfloor by making it smooth and level. For the secure installation, use the adhesives and get the lodging process done by yourself in a very short period of time.

2. Vinyl Plank Flooring is Light On Your Wallet


While compared to all the other flooring, vinyl flooring comes at a very cheap price. You do not need to spend the money by hiring professionals. Also, you can get this flooring at the most affordable price, easily. It will cost you almost $2 to $5 per square, including the installation.

Thus, you can make your living place much more adorable at a very reasonable price while saving your time, as well. Moreover, if you are really tight on budget, you can for the vinyl sheet flooring, which is available at a very discounted rate.

3. Come Up in A Versatile Range


Vinyl plank flooring comes up in a huge mesmerizing variety. It allows you to select the home flooring according to your preference or by matching it with the theme of your home interior. It is available in a wide range of colors, patterns, or designs. Thus, transforming your living place into a whole ravishing space, creating a welcoming atmosphere by its gorgeous appearance.

4. Highly Durable if Taken Care Properly


Actually, vinyl flooring demands proper care and cleaning process in order to run longer. For that purpose, it is recommended to use only a damp mop or vacuum the surface. Don’t go for the scrubbing or use of chemicals or the abrasive compounds on their sensitive surface.

All these cleaning agents can dull their sparkle, making your home space look unworthy. In addition, try to place rugs or doormats on the high traffic area so that your floor could run longer than its expected lifetime. Therefore, with a little care, you can have your home flooring for a long time with you, saving you money invested in it.

Some Disadvantages Of Vinyl Plank (Luxury Vinyl) Flooring

On the one hand, it is having so many benefits. In the very same manner, it has so many disadvantages that make you think at least once either you should make a purchase on it or not. Following are some major disadvantages of the vinyl flooring installation at your dearest living place.

1. Vinyl Flooring is difficult to Remove


Although the installation process of vinyl flooring is much easy but the removal process of it is much difficult. Because you do the installation process of it with adhesive in order to make it secure. Therefore, these adhesives make the removal task much complex, making it much time taking and requiring much effort for the proper composition.

First of all, you need to remove all the furniture out from the room so that this task could become somehow easy for you. After that, start cutting the vinyl flooring into mall pieces so that it will be easy for you to remove it a little by little. For the removal of adhesives, use a scraper tool, or use a solution of liquid detergent mixed in one gallon of water.

2. Cannot Get Refinished


Once the vinyl flooring gets damaged, you have to replace the entire home flooring. It cannot get refinished like hardwood flooring. And all the money that you invested in it will get lost. So, make the decision wisely. Think about it if you can take care of it properly or not.

3. It Is Not Eco-Friendly


Generally, the manufacturing of vinyl floor covering contains many toxic chemicals. And, that’s why vinyl flooring is known to emit volatile organic compounds which are obviously harmful to human health. After the installation, an unwanted odor is created in the atmosphere. Due to this reason, the installation of vinyl flooring is not recommended, especially if you are having babies or live in a house where there is minimum window ventilation.

To Sum Up

At the end of this article, I really hope that now you know much deeply about vinyl flooring, i.e. its major pros and cons. So, it is safe to say that you are going to make a standard choice regarding durable and beautiful home flooring. Considering all the benefits from which you are going to get entertained and the cons which you cannot overcome, is important before making a choice on any flooring.

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