6 Laminate Parquet Flooring Designs That Will Impress You

6 Laminate Parquet Flooring Designs That Will Impress You 2024

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With the increasing demand for laminate flooring, flooring manufacturers tend to innovate new styles of laminate parquet flooring. The greatest trends of laminate floors for residential as well as commercial use are getting up & up.

The flooring industry has been tremendously innovating the new laminate parquet flooring ideas that can make your space look outstanding. The natural wood looks and other fascinating laminate colors made this the prettiest option for any space. The coming year 2024 will be showering some of the highly intuitive & sensational trends of laminate floor.

Let’s Check Out The 6 Cool Laminate Parquet Flooring Ideas In 2024

All those trends will be capable of transforming your space within a blink. Many people have been loving real wood and tile flooring for many years with the same trend & style. But with the modern trends, laminate floors offer you timeless options to decorate your space with the great option.

Realistic Wood-look for Laminate

Realistic Wood-look for Laminate

The trend has been in use for many years and will be in trend due to its cool, natural, and traditional feel. Laminate floor counts on offering the advantages to have any shape, colors, and feel just with required lamination. In the year 2024, it is being thought that the wood-look flooring will be more in trend.

This is because the new laminate parquet flooring ideas & technological advancements have made the laminate style with perfect authentic wood appearance. The new laminate finishes are designed with classic wood shades that are attractive & eye-catching basic three types of finish include:

High Gloss Finish

Gives a more modern look. It looks more like polished wood, marble, stone, or ceramic with shine. It doesn’t have a grain texture.

Low Gloss Finish (Hand-Scraped)

With considerable low shine, a bit matte texture, and much resemblance with the natural look of wood.

Embossed Finish

A perfectly textured laminate parquet. This also has much resemblance to the pure grooved-wood look and is perfectly laminated.

Lighter Tones for Wood-look Laminate

Lighter Toon Wood-look for Laminate

One of the most effective laminate parquet flooring ideas, this would really stand out. With softer & lighter tones are in trend for the last few years, as interior themes are easy to blend with these tones. These tones are perfect to add a classic touch to your space and add warmth, too.

Many homeowners are trying to find out complementing lighter tones that actually play an effective role in enhancing the look. The lighter tones that are becoming increasingly popular are whitewashed, gray, honey, blondes & a few more. Following this idea will make you have a space that you’ll love to live in.

Thin Or Wide Planks: Which One Is Preferred?

Thin Planks Laminate

In the past few years, people keep on preferring thick planks for their spaces. But following the new laminate parquet flooring ideas, homeowners are more likely to have wide planks for their flooring.

This is because the wider planks are easy to install & take much space. It’ll be easy to maintain these planks and there will be fewer chances the dirt or grime can get stuck between the edges of planks.

Adding these plans can make your place look more spacious and also offer a modern ambiance to your space. The important thing to mention here is that this idea of wider planks is more likely to have mixed-width flooring. This makes a combination of wide and thin planks together to add an extra flair to your place.

Herringbone Is Popular

Herringbone Laminate Parquet Flooring

Herringbone is the most loved parquet floor pattern. With evenly distributed planks, this pattern looks amazing. Recent new classic laminate parquet flooring ideas have made an important innovation to have a herringbone lamination without any mess of a long installation process. For homeowners who desire to have this pattern in their homes, this is a great option to opt for.

Along with this classic yet modern pattern, there are a few others that are also in trend. They are diagonal or chevron patterns. People also love to have these patterns too. So you can get your laminate floor installed with these patterns too.

Waterproof Wood-look Laminate Flooring

Waterproof Wood-look Laminate Flooring

Old laminate floors are not water-proof, so people normally complain about the damage of its fiberboard due to moisture and spills. The moisture or any spill on the floor forms bumps or mold between the planks and damages the overall flooring.

Due to one of the great laminate parquet flooring ideas, that is being implemented & will be followed from now to have a water-proof laminate floor. Manufacturers are designing this type of flooring in order to avoid any type of water damage to the floor. With technological advancements, they design this flooring with four common layers.

The top-most water-resistant film overlay is used to keep water off the floor, then a design layer for wood looks, after that a water-resistant HDF (high-density fiberboard) core board & ends with a backing layer. With this whole process, they end up with the best water-proof wood-look laminate flooring.

Final Thoughts!

The upcoming year 2024 will be on fire with more laminate parquet flooring ideas. The above-listed are the most common that are in trend & supposed to be in trend for more years. All the innovations, advancements, and ideas are totally made to happen for the ease and comfort of consumers.

If you feel comfortable having all these innovations, then they’ll be in use for now and for more years to come. We’ll love to know your views in the comments to check out whether you find this article informative or not.

Moreover, if you have any other queries or want more information related to any flooring, then just drop your query in the comments and you’ll be informed right away!

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