Which Types Of Flooring are Popular in UAE 2024?

Which Types Of Flooring are Popular in UAE 2024?

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When you’re having the construction of your dream home and you’re in search of the Best Flooring Services in Dubai, then we’ve brought you the right answer to your precious queries, that is none other but Flooring Dubai. We are the leading ones in the market for considerable decades, well-known for efficiently providing top-quality and particularly budget-friendly flooring in Dubai.

We provide you with the trendiest ideas and varieties of floor treatments to choose from. With us, you’re well assured of getting just the rightly perfect types of flooring that will be the most captivating and alluringly beautiful element within your valuable places. 

Do consider having us in the remarkable journey of the ideal home decor of yours and you’ll be amazed by what turns out to be the enchanting overall appearance of your dream home when you choose us as your trustworthy interior designing partners!

Benefits of Installing The Flooring in Dubai

There are a number of legit benefits of installing the flooring in Dubai, that are effectively going to convince you over going for one. When on this way, for the very purpose of convenience, we’ll categorize those incredible benefits into two major aspects. The beauty benefits and the functional benefits. 

1- The Beauty Benefits:

It’s quite obvious fact that a solid and superior quality flooring offers an exceptionally adorable overall appearance of all professional and domestic places.  They highly beautify the whole scenario of the decor theme within your places by adding a nice sensation of elegance as well as a pleasurable warmth. 

A standard good quality and attractive flooring significantly add on to the value of your home, consequently enticing a huge number of buyers to your home. It creates a seamless harmony with the rest of the decorative theme and gives it a major lift as well. This way, it will be the cost-effective beauty amplifier of your precious property and will be the perfect satisfaction to your aesthetic admiration. 

2- The Functional Benefits:

As far as functional benefits are concerned, Installing the flooring in Dubai isn’t any less perfectly favorable in this regard as well. Flooring is usually quite easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance, hence a smart choice to go for. 

This economical flooring solution has appreciable durability and longevity. You have it installed once and then you don’t have to be concerned about the floor treatments ever after.

A nice and sturdy flooring will provide you with far better air quality and health safety too. Do choose non-toxic, classy, and modern flooring for your homes and offices and you’ll have a much more healthy lifestyle afterward. 

Moreover, there isn’t a need to get concerned or worried about the sustainability of the flooring. Since it has a durable build strength, therefore, both its color and design won’t fade or wear off for years. 

In addition to this, it will offer a greatly beneficial absorption of the not-so-acceptable elements such as moisture, heat or sound. This way, there is a hugely created safety for older people and children by diminishing any slippings or unwanted accidents as a result. This structural support will be highly beneficial for providing acoustics in the form a flawless surface finish. 

Investing in Installing the flooring in Dubai tends to be a lot more advantageous than the carpets in terms of durability, attractiveness and a far better real estate value. 

Types of Flooring in Dubai

We deal in a number of distinctly versatile flooring types, each one has its own particular significance and beneficial value. From the best flooring services in Dubai, you can go for the one that perfectly suits your interior and of course your budget as well. They shall be installed at your place in no time!

Following are some of the best-rated and highly recommended types of flooring:

Laminate Flooring Dubai

This hybrid multi-layer synthetic flooring features a particle board wood-topped and fused together with a lamination process, having a photographic applique layer on top of a clear protective layer.


Its tough external layer has a resin coating and is extremely durable. It is a fine laminate flooring Dubai option to consider. It is perfectly scratch and impact resistant as well as highly long lasting than carpet, vinyl, or hardwood.  

Laminate Parquet Flooring

This popular type of flooring is quite similar to the Laminate Flooring Dubai and is equally sturdy and durable as well. However, it consists of real wood within its construction. Its geometric mosaic of wood pieces has a HDF middle layer and backing and produces a really captivating decorative effect.

This allergen-free and budget-friendly flooring effectively create a really cozy and pleasantly warm environment within any room. It is easy to clean and feels great under the feet

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

This highly durable and waterproof flooring has got multiple layers within its structure and appears to be of hardwood or stone. It is really easy to maintain and looks the most beautiful.

This versatile sort of flooring offers a perfect sound insulation as well as greater level of warmth. It has a quick and easy installation and is available in various innovatively engaging designs. 

Anti Static Flooring

Anti Static Flooring has its amazing functionality in the efficient capturing of all the charges and effectively grounding them before any reactions could take place. It proves to be extremely fundamental as it takes the naturally built-up static electricity and eliminates it completely.

This tremendously useful flooring controls all the static discharge and is ideal to install at industrial areas, ensuring the flawless safety of both people and equipment.

Gym Flooring

From hardwood to rubber, gym flooring is made from dynamically different materials in order to meet the various requirements. Rubber flooring, however is the most common one since it is much durable, affordable and easy to maintain.

Our exclusive rubber gym flooring is an ideal choice as it has effective shock absorbing characteristics. It can efficiently support the heaviest workout equipment and is perfectly resistant to any accidental dropping of the weights as well. 

Hospital Flooring

Sheet Vinyl Flooring is typically used for the floor treatments within hospitals and health care clinics. It is quite easy to clean and maintain. Since hospital is a place where extreme hygiene maintenance is crucial, therefore the seamless monolithic Hospital Grade Vinyl Flooring efficiently serves this very purpose.

It does not clot or house any microorganisms or pathogens over its surface, hence offers perfect hygiene sustainability and is widely used in hospitals these days. 

Outdoor Flooring Dubai

Traditional wood decking is said to be the best one among the outdoor flooring options, as it maintains perfectly safe and leveled outdoor floors.  Your patios, backyards, front yards, balconies, and porticos shall look the chicest right after the installation of Outdoor Flooring Dubai.

Composite wood decking offers the most unique and greatly attractive looks to almost all the outdoor areas and is highly durable under all atmospheric conditions as well. 

PVC Flooring

PVC Flooring is an extremely useful and versatile flooring option. It is a lot more functional than other types of flooring in a number of ways. It is highly moisture resistant and hence is perfectly anti-slip, safe for everyone.

It requires minimal maintenance and pays off in the form of a flawless scratch and stain resistance.  It has a simple glue down process required for installation.

EPDM Flooring

This synthetic rubber safety flooring offers a remarkable fall height safety and is therefore ideal to use in playgrounds. It has a great resistance to UV rays as well.

It absorbs noise perfectly and is much longer lasting. It is available in a wide variety of designs and serves for the long term uses. It requires fairly less maintenance and occasional cleaning. 

Herringbone Vinyl Flooring

This strikingly captivating sort of flooring is extremely practical and affordable. Its strenuous build quality can effectively withstand a high foot traffic and makes the rooms a lot more spacious.

It is ideal to install in compact and low-ceilinged spaces such as entry ways and laundry rooms. It is quite easier to clean and maintain and is always in trend. 

Get The Best Flooring Services in Dubai

Besides the above-mentioned exclusive types of Flooring, our Best Flooring Services in Dubai include a number of numerous flooring options such as Waterproof, Antibacterial, Anti Static Vinyl, Anti Static PVC, Anti Slip, Herringbone Wooden Flooring, Herringbone semi-solid wooden flooring, Granite, Kids, Terrazzo Vinyl, and Kitchen Vinyl Flooring Dubai.

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