Difference Between Laminate And Parquet Flooring 2024

What Is The Difference Between Laminate And Parquet Flooring?

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That’s one legit frequently asked question that is meant to pop within every person’s mind who is about to go for a decor upgrade, or Flooring Dubai, to be more specific, within his/her place. With that said, let’s see What is the difference between laminate and parquet flooring? This is quite a worth-debating topic and equally interesting as well. Since both of the flooring genres feature much distinctive construction and, of course, properties, therefore, it becomes demanding which one to choose?

Prior to the phase of selection (or making a purchase!) It’s certainly important to get to know the basic difference as well as characteristics of both. As this will lead us to a much more wise and cost-effective investment of our bucks.


The main difference between laminate and parquet flooring is that laminate flooring is made from composite wood pressed together at high temperatures, while parquet flooring is made from solid wood that is cut into small geometric shapes and arranged in a repeating pattern”. Laminate flooring is generally more affordable and easier to install than parquet flooring, but it is less durable and does not have the same natural look and feel as real wood. On the other hand, Parquet flooring is more expensive, but it offers a more natural look and feel, and it is more durable than laminate flooring. And this way, we’ll be doing an individual analysis of the two.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring Dubai

1. Construction

Laminate Flooring is a synthetic-based flooring that features a multilayer structure. This multi-layering further consists of a clear protective layer atop a photographic applique layer. However, the innermost materials are fibreboards and melamine resin. All this emphasizes well the finest build quality of laminate flooring and that it’s surely worth having.

2. Appearance

As far as the appearance is concerned, Laminate Flooring gives off a look similar to that of the wood. Turns out, it’s a really nice type of flooring, which feels extremely good to primarily just look at, and eventually to walk over, as well.

3. Salient Benefits

Laminate Flooring, as per the foremost advantage, is extremely durable and effectively goes a long way while providing a standard good flooring with attractive finishing. It’s greatly scratch and impact-resistant, too and thus you won’t have to worry about your floor getting damaged in any way.

Moreover, another perk of this flooring is that it doesn’t really ask for much maintenance, in terms of both the physical effort as well as the expenses. Primarily, it doesn’t clot a lot of dust, dirt, or grime and the occasional accumulation is extremely easy to clean.

All in all, Laminate Flooring in Dubai is one fairly favorable sort of flooring and is undoubtedly the best idea to consider, for if you want to bestow your home or office floors with a long-lasting yet presentable treatment. In the difference between laminate and parquet flooring, it’s amazingly budget-friendly, as well.

Parquet Flooring


1. Construction

Parquet Flooring is a significantly attractive choice of floor treatment, giving off the decorative effect of wood pieces (planks) within a geometric collage. The resultant patterns (mostly of the geometric shapes) look heavenly appealing and bring about a wonderful adornment within any desired space. It is an effectively versatile flooring and can be gracefully paired with all sorts of decor themes.

2. Appearance

Parquet Flooring is often confused with hardwood flooring and gives rise to the question that What is the difference between parquet and hardwood? This is because Parquet Flooring is made of wood and thus it gives off the genuine “wood look”. Solid hardwood flooring, on the flip side, features a processed wood construction.

Parquet, however, is a sophisticated and more recommended option to consider due to its far better finishing and elegant appearance. It looks simply alluring within all interiors and is equally sturdy, as well.

3. Salient Benefits

You can choose your parquet flooring to be either of solid wood or engineered one, depending upon your preference and, of course, the requirement of your home decor. Parquet flooring stands out among other flooring types due to its ease of cleanliness and maintenance.

Moreover, it’s the safest flooring option because of its allergen-free and antiseptic properties. It ensures hygienic conditions and thus you won’t have to be worried if your baby or pet plays or stays on the floor. Parquet Flooring is the most budget-friendly option of a flooring solution and will have you relieved of all the flooring as well as décor concerns.

In addition to that, it is also extremely convenient and timeless to install. And going for the Parquet Flooring installation is, by all means, a lifetime beneficial investment to make.

After a basic difference between laminate and parquet flooring, it’s quite convenient to choose the suitable one and therefore, you can give nice ornamentation to your places. 

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