How to Decorate Your Traditional Arabic Majlis Place in Dubai?

How to Decorate Your Traditional Arabic Majlis Place in Dubai? 

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Decades ago Arabs started discussing their issues by arranging gatherings and called these get-togethers “Arab Majalis”. Dubai is still famous for these gatherings, people here love arranging such meetings for discussing religious, social, and political situations. The major benefit of a Majlis is people discuss ideas and work on them after properly discussing them and at the end extract conclusions to see the results of arranging this specific Majlis. 

A Majlis does not contain a proper time frame and hence can go from an hour to a day long. Interior designing is essential for decorating every place, how can Majlis styling be ignored? People typically designate a separate room in their homes for Majlis, but they always appear perplexed when it comes to decorating it because they believe that since it is a place of culture, it should be decorated differently than the rest of the house.This blog contains every detail that should be considered for getting a proper Majlis interior module. 

Decorate Your Majlis Place For High Functionality

A Majlis should be decorated with highly functional interior elements. Some decorative features should never be avoided when you go for styling your Majlis living room area. Here are some important points mentioned for your convenience. 

1. Choose A Perfect Carpet Floor

Choose-A-Perfect-Carpet-FloorNot all carpets come with aesthetic patterns to ideally enhance the decor theme of your place. So it’s important to select a carpet with the suitable fibre length, exact measurements, a nicer shade that does not get dull, and an attractive appearance. Interior designers mostly recommend wall-to-wall carpeting for Majalis because such soft floor covering adds warmth, absorbs invasive echoes, and stabilizes entire furniture. Never compromise on the quality of carpeting if you want it to stay longer. A good carpet is made of non-toxic material, adds no smell to the place even after years of installation, and stays luxurious for a longer duration. 

2. Add Some Extra Sitting Space

Add-Some-Extra-Sitting-SpaceBecause a Majlis can have as many people as required so don’t limit your space, instead add some extra seats to it for the comfort of every guest. But there’s no need to overstuff the space with furnishings; doing so will just make it look congested. Instead, it’s better to place some floor cushions or travel mattresses that are lighter in weight and offer a comfortable sitting area. A fluffy mat or rug can also be selected for adding extra space as per the requirements of your Majlis’s interior theme

3. Right Window Treatments Are Necessary 

Right-Window-Treatments-Are-Necessary-Arabic-MajlisIt is very important to decorate your Majlis with a proper window treatment that adds beauty along with comfort. Choose a curtain shade that makes a perfect combination with the interior module, for instance a floor-to-ceiling window curtain adds a uniform appearance that seems pleasant to the eyes. Blackout curtains are a good choice for Majalis decoration because these curtains completely block the outside factors and help in minimizing interruptions during important discussions.

4. Comfortable Furniture Is A Necessity 

Comfortable-Furniture-Is-A-NecessityTraditional furniture frame is mandatory for Majalis styling, add metal frame sofa sets or couches because they last for years without losing their structure. Modern upholstery allows enough depth for maximum postural relaxation which is 100% needed for a Majlis. As the Majlis can be an hour or ten hours long in accordance with the topic demand, a comfortable sitting place that does not trigger aches is the basic requirement. A large sofa set with plush upholstery with eye-catching shades always adds an appreciable addition to your Majlis interior. 

5. Never Compromise On Uniform Interior Appearance

Never-Compromise-On-Uniform-Interior-AppearanceNever compromise on the shades you select while adding other interior components such as carpeting, drapes, furniture, wall treatments, and little accents. Neglecting a single element’s shade can drag the entire decoration to risk,  always make a perfect combination of shades to get a cohesive interior appearance to your Majlis space.

Final Words

There are some important interior considerations while decorating an Arabic Majlis area that can never be compromised. A proper carpet with accurate measurements should be added to the place for keeping the area comfortable and warm. Also a carpet is good at absorbing walking sounds so minimizing interruptions. Without window treatments, the interior theme looks incomplete, so you should add a curtain that creates a 100% private environment so the outside disturbances should be minimized. Sofa sets with comfortable upholstery and good shades are the basic requirements for interior styling, moreover, always make a good colour combination while adding interior elements for a uniform interior appearance. 

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