Laminate Flooring Trends In Dubai | Reviews & Guide 2024

Laminate Flooring Trends In Dubai For 2024

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Talking about the flooring trend of the year 2024, we can never ignore laminate luxurious floors. They were not that functional when they entered the market, but with sudden modifications and advancements, now they offer maximum resistance and a luxurious appearance. And, therefore, are considered a functional addition to the interior module of the place. To know the proper composition of this flooring, read further.

Laminate floors are composed in a layering manner with high-quality material to enhance floor functionality. The lower or inner-most layer is the balanced paper or the base; it provides moisture resistance to the laminate. Then comes a core board made of resins, which provides stability to the entire floor. The second upper layer is made of wood grains to add colors to the floor for a luxurious appearance. And the outer-most layer is termed a protective coat or the wear layer, which provides high resistance to the entire flooring by acting as a barrier.

Laminate Stylish Floor Is Getting Hyped In 2024

Because laminate comes with thousands of trendy styles so, here the confusion begins. People usually ask the experts what laminate luxurious flooring trend they should follow. After a detailed discussion with interior designers and flooring experts, we came to know that not every trend can go with your place’s requirements.

Darker laminate shades are recommended for commercial areas, especially if you have a large area for laminate styling. And lighter colors are preferable for homes and smaller areas because the darker colors add suffocation to the place, which is the man’s psyche. And the other point that should never be neglected is your place’s interior module flooring demand. Some trends are discussed below to clarify which ones go perfectly with the interior design of your place.

1. Lighter Wood Laminate Shades

Lighter Wood Laminate ShadesLighter wood shades mean brown shades; you will find thousands of browny shades for laminate flooring in Dubai. Lighter shades are the perfect choice for which interior module? This is a tricky question to ask anyone who does not know interior styling models. Interior designers recommend these shades for an interior that is lavishly decent and does contain a few patterns.

Traditional or historical interior modules can be styled with this flooring shade and nowadays it is getting hyped in Dubai because laminate is itself a low-maintenance flooring type so no need to be worried about spills. Lighter floor colors doubtlessly make your place look bigger than it is.

2. Darker Colors For Commercial Areas

Darker Colors For Commercial AreasCommercial areas get plenty of foot traffic that ruins the entire floor’s appearance. No need to get worried about the dull flooring appearance. A darker laminate floor is easily maintainable with s low-care schedule and gives a flawless and elegant look with its shades. These shades are avoided being installed in a small place because these colors are prone to absorb heat as per the color wheel rule and hence add suffocation to the place.

3. Real Wood Appearance Of Laminate

Real Wood Appearance Of LaminateReal wood contains two browny shades, one lighter and the other darker. Blended together perfectly to offer a luxurious wooden theme. The important thing is the way these shades are blended. Laminate with the real appearance of wood flawlessly enhances the interior appearance and adds value to the building.

4. Big Plank Design Going Viral

Big Plank Design Going ViralLaminate is coming with a big plank design flooring, with a special interlocking mechanism to offer maximum stability to the floor. These big plank designs give a luxurious non-uniform floor appearance with no compromise on the functionality that is getting famous in Dubai for 2024.

5. Parquet Design For Laminate Flooring

Parquet Design For Laminate FlooringThe parquet is an aesthetic and ancient design that enhances the floor looks. In short, the V-patterned line art is termed parquet designing. Laminate with such patterns looks elegant wherever installed, making its place in the market.

6. Off-White Laminate Shades

Off-White Laminate ShadesWhite shades are the cooler shades as per the color wheel guidance, they do not absorb every heat wavelength and hence keep the place cooler. Some rules say they bounce back the heat radiations to avoid excessive heat in an atmosphere. The market is loaded with white shades of laminate cheap floors, which are trendy in Dubai to avoid the burning interior atmosphere.

7. Grey Is Setting The Trend

Grey Is Setting The TrendWho does not aware of the grey era? Grey color has won its top position in the market. And now, laminate grey flooring is getting trendy in Dubai because of its traditional elevated looks and high functionality. Install grey flooring to go with every interior module because grey is a mixture of a darker (black) and lighter-most (white) color.

So, you can create a dark or lighter interior theme with grey laminate flooring. Moreover, laminate offers a smooth appearance without compromising its resistance quality and elevates no slip trips. This is why these flooring ideas are marking the top position in the UAE.

Come To An End

Laminate is in trend for luxurious and highly functional flooring, Dubai is loaded with laminate new trends in 2024. Some of the styles include real wood looks of laminate, lighter and darker shades, big planks design, parquet laminate designs, and grey or cooler shades of laminate.

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