What is The Best Way to Clean The Tile Floor? | 4 Easy Steps

What is The Best Way to Clean The Tile Floor? | 4 Easy Steps

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No doubt, tile flooring is much more durable and easy to maintain, but it requires a proper method and the best way to Clean The Tile Floor. As sand or dirt might cause your tile flooring to look dull. In addition, your tile flooring could lose its sparkle so, in order to maintain its sparkle “regular cleaning” is a must thing to do. Otherwise, your tile flooring might suffer permanent damage, but if maintained properly, it could last longer.

What is The Best Way to Clean The Tile Floor

The best way to clean a tile floor is to start by sweeping or dry-mopping to remove any loose dirt and debris. Next, mix a solution of warm water and a mild detergent or multi-surface cleaner and use a mop or sponge to scrub the floor gently. Pay extra attention to any stained or heavily soiled areas. Rinse the tile floor thoroughly with clean water to remove any remaining soap residue, and dry the tile floor with a clean mop or towel to prevent water spots or streaks. It’s important to note that some tile floors may require specific cleaning solutions or methods, such as grout cleaner for dirty grout lines or pH-neutral cleaner for natural stone tile.

Additionally, some tile types, like marble or natural stone, require special care, and it is better to use a pH-neutral cleaner designed explicitly for them.

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The dirt and debris that might be left in the grouts of tiles can cause the grouts to turn dark. And, ultimately your room will look dirty no matter how clean it is. So, here is the best method to clean your tile floor which when applied properly will make your flooring look clean and shiny of parqueet flooring also.

Material and Equipment That You will Need

If you clean your tile flooring properly applying the best way to Clean The Tile Floor, it will add up charm to the beauty of your home. To clean up your tile floor in a proper way, here are some materials and equipment which you will need in cleaning.


  • Broom or Vacuum
  • Dustpan
  • Rag or Mop
  • A Bucket
  • A dry cloth


  • All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Dish Soap or Vinegar
  • Warm Water

Best Way to Clean Your Tile Flooring

Here are some steps that must be taken to clean up your tile floor properly. So, let’s get started.

1. Sweep or Vacuum the Tile Floor

Usually, sweeping or vacuuming up didn’t clean the corners or grouts deeply. And, you might have noticed there is always some dirt left in the corners which then tends to pile up. So, first of all, make sure that you clean the corners where dirt is pilling itself up.

Sweeping and vacuuming up might not work efficiently to remove it. But, a microfibre duster will be the best. It picks up all the dirt and hair easily and hence, making the corners of your home look clean.

2. Add up Cleaner in Warm Water

After you have done sweeping the floor. It’s time to make the solution for mopping. The water you use to make the solution in order to clean up your floor must be warm because it works more effectively. For making a good solution, you need to add up a cleaner or a dish soap in the water and make sure you give it a good mix. So, you could mop the floor quite perfectly.

You can even use the vinegar in the place of dish soap or any other cleaner because vinegar works the same as the cleaner does.

3. Start Mopping with Gentle Strokes

After, you have done sweeping up the floor or making the solution in order to mop it. Now, just dip the rag or mop in that solution and then squeeze it in such a way that it is not dripping anymore. Make sure it is quite dumped and then start mopping the floor. Follow the pattern for the best way to Clean The Tile Floor as you move through the area while mopping so that, there will not be an inch left of the tile that has not been mopped.

4. Dry the Tile Floor With a Clean Cloth

Use a dry clean cloth immediately after mopping it to get it dry, if your tile is prone to forming soap spots. This step is optional. You may perform it or skip it if your floor is not prone to foaming the water spots by just turning the fan on. So, the floor may get dry by itself. And after performing these steps, you will find your tile flooring neat and clean.

How to Clean the Vinyl Tile Flooring in the Best Possible Way?

Vinyl flooring is no doubt an inexpensive one but it doesn’t mean that there might not need to care about it. It should be maintained properly like other tile floorings.

Although you can clean it easily by just using a steam mop, it is not made to withstand extreme heat or moisture.

The best way to clean the vinyl tile flooring is to use the available vinyl flooring cleaners in the market, but you can make a cleanser at home by just mixing up a cup of apple cider in the gallon of water. Or, you can use a mixture of vinegar or water to mop the floor. It will be better if you mop the floor first with clean water and then by the solution in order to get some extraordinary results. As vinyl flooring could easily get scratches, make sure you clean it in a very gentle way.

How to Clean the Linoleum Tile Flooring Properly?

Lonelum Tile Flooring is just similar to the vinyl tile flooring, inexpensive, and should be maintained properly. Therefore, the best way to clean up your linoleum tile floor is to mop it with the solution that is meant for linoleum.

A mixture of borax and water could also be the best option to clean the floor. Another way to clean it up is to make a solution of water with one cup of vinegar and then use a scrub brush to remove any stubborn dirt from the tile. Clean it every three to six months by applying a layer of wax and buff, so that it may not lose its shine.

How to Clean Marble or Natural Stone Tile Flooring in a Proper Way?

You can apply the above-mentioned method to clean up your floor if it is marble, granite, slate, or natural stone but with some precautions.

As marble or stone get scratches much more easily than porcelain or ceramic tiles. So, you should use a soft-bristled broom to sweep it up. Now, let me tell you one more thing about marbles or stone and that is they are unable to handle something acidic. So, avoid using vinegar to clean up your marble tile flooring which is considered as the best way to Clean The Tile Floor.

In order to mop it up, use the right type of cleaner. Probably, you can use the Ph neutral or a mild detergent on your granite flooring to avoid any discoloration.

Things To Do Before/While Cleaning Up The Tile Floor

Here are some points that you must consider while cleaning up your tile floor or in order to prevent any discoloration, stain, or spots, etc.

  • Avoid using any chemical on your tile flooring while cleaning
  • Clean any of the spills immediately to avoid any discoloration
  • After mopping, try to rinse the floor with water in order to clean any detergent left on the floor
  • Try to dry up tiles of your bathroom after getting bathed to remove any soap scum which might cause mildew
  • Try to clean up your tile flooring on a regular basis


At the end of this article, I will recommend using this quite simple and easy yet best method to clean up your tile floor and make it look like it’s new. Although tile floors require regular cleaning but make sure, you follow all the above-mentioned steps properly in order to maintain the shine of your tile flooring either it is vinyl tile flooring or linoleum.

No matter what, you must always use a proper method to clean your floor by making sure there is no dirt or debris left in the grouts of tiles and the beauty of your home is not getting dull. So devising the best Way to Clean The Tile Floor should always be considered to get the best ultimate results.

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