Best Laminate Parquet Flooring Buying Guide - Help For Beginners

Best Laminate Parquet Flooring Buying Guide – A Complete Help For Beginners

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Laminate is the most loved type of flooring of the current times. Homeowners are increasingly opting for this incredible flooring. Due to the attractiveness and sustainability of laminate floors, people love to have this incredible flooring at their place.

Apart from increasing the value of your property, this flooring is great at transforming a bare space into an interesting one. But for those who are still unaware of this supreme flooring & don’t actually know the essential considerations to buy the best flooring, here is the best Laminate Parquet Flooring Buying Guide. 

Laminate Parquet Flooring Buying Guide: A Brief List Of Consideration

Purchasing laminate flooring offers you a variety of options that you may go with. This is actually one of the trendiest and best flooring options that you may consider having. The basic reason for the popularity of this laminate floor is its aesthetic, versatility, durability, reliability, ease of maintenance, and most importantly affordability.

However, you’ll be able to enjoy all these perks if you know about the best Laminate Parquet Flooring Buying Guide.  Reading this article with proper concern can let you choose the best laminate parquet for your home. Let’s get started.

Classic Laminate Parquet Flooring

Types of Laminate Parquet Flooring

Laminate floors are available in multiple types. So before you step out to buy you must finalize which one to buy.

  • The basic type of laminate floor is engineered wood. The specialty of this type of laminate is that it has a thin layer of hardwood on the top, just before the shiny laminate. That makes it prone to scratches and dents. Moreover, if it gets damaged the original look of this floor can be gained back by refinishing and sanding.
  • Another type of laminate floor has a layer of plastic laminate. This is much more cost-effective than the first type. It is effective to use in places with higher moisture levels & high foot traffic areas.

Visual Appeal of Laminate Parquet Floor

Visual Appeal of Laminate Parquet Floor

The next thing to consider is the aesthetic of the laminate floor. This is actually an effective consideration & purely depends on your personal preferences. Choose the color of your choice, that also complements the interior of your home.

This is the most versatile flooring and can be available in a variety of color shades. So, decide which color you need to buy that blends with your interior designing stylistic theme.

The Thickness of Laminate Flooring

Thickness is a very crucial factor to consider, that is often overlooked by people around. The thickness of laminate determines the level of wear & tear it can endure. It also impacts the sound absorption & abrasion of the floor.

The Thickness of Laminate Flooring

AC (Abrasion Criteria) Ratings

Must consider AC ratings of the floor before you buy. Different ac ratings specify the place of comfort where you can install the floor.

  • Consider AC1 for bedrooms and other spaces with minimal foot traffic.
  • AC2, consider installing in the areas with medium foot traffic.
  • AC3, best to be used in high foot traffic areas like kitchen, entryways, bathroom, etc.
  • AC4 and AC5, best to be installed in commercial spaces.

Consider The Texture

Texture of Laminate Parquet Flooring

Laminate parquet is known for its appealing textures. Before you make your purchase you must consider the texture of the floor. You may choose your desired texture & finish. Different finishes and textures fit separately to different themes.

  • The finishes can be of two types – high-gloss finish or low-gloss finish (near to matte).
  • Just like finishes, textures are also available in two types one is Embossed or Embossed in Register (EIR) & another one is hand-scraped which gives a look of natural wood.

Check For Underfloor Heating

Having underfloor heating is quite important for a smooth & comfortable floor. So, for laminate-compatible systems, you must consider embedding a self-leveling before the installation of the floor. Be sure to read the perfect product specifications & instructions to know whether you need self-leveling or not.

Waterproof & Water-resistant Laminate Flooring

Waterproof & Water-resistant Laminate Flooring

Before you make your purchase you must consider whether your flooring is waterproof or water-resistant? This is because both of these options are installed in different ways.

  • For waterproofing you need an underlayment(silicon sealant & foam backing), to improve its resistivity.
  • For a water-resistant laminate parquet floor, you don’t need to prepare any subfloor, just make sure to remove any type of moisture from the floor within 30-min.

Consider The Installation Process

There are multiple options to get your laminate flooring properly installed. Some of them can be clicked together by adjusting the tongue & grooves. Others may need some kind of adhesive to be used for perfect installation.

Moreover, you can also opt for just ready-to-install laminate parquet flooring with the peel & paste method. You choose which type of flooring & installation process makes it more comfortable for you to have a laminate floor installed in your home.

Installation Of Laminate Parquet Flooring

Maintenance Frequency

Check out the maintenance parameters for your laminate parquet floor. You must know how you’re going to maintain your floor. As the laminate floor can’t be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Although it is not very tough to maintain these floors, different types of laminate floors are maintained differently. The good thing to know is that glossy laminate protective layers keep the regular dust & debris off the floor. You can just follow a regular cleaning method to clean your floor.

Final Verdict!

So, the above-mentioned laminate parquet flooring buying guide is briefly explained, all you have to do is to keenly read about everything and just keep it in your mind while making your flooring purchase.

Hopefully, considering the listed pointers will make you choose the best laminate parquet floor for you and you’ll be ready to upgrade your home with incredible flooring!

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