Top 5 Modern Majlis Designs for Your Living Room in Dubai

Top 5 Modern Majlis Designs for Your Living Room in Dubai

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The idea of a living room and a Majlis decor is quite relevant, a living room is designed to have a family get-together while a Arabic Majlis is the general get-together of people for discussing issues and ideas Therefore people usually convert their living room interior as per a Majlis decor for a cultural connection. So many ideas have been introduced to revamp your living space which is why people are getting more confused.

To choose a decor idea, it is necessary to know the basics of that theme so you won’t regret it later on. Proper interior decor not only enhances the appearance of the place but also makes it more functional. This blog discusses enough information about the top five Majlis designs with which you can lavishly design your place.

Modern Majlis Designs To Revamp Your Living Space

Modern Majlis Designs To Revamp Your Living Space

A properly designed living space with comfortable seats and enough space is necessary to arrange long sittings. Because the idea of Majlis was invented by Arabs, Majalis are also considered an important culture in Dubai. People here are very conscious about styling their Majalis areas with different themes because they believe Majalis connect them with their values. After a survey, it was noticed that the Majlis place is styled commonly with five main theme ideas in Dubai. To make it easier for you, we have mentioned the basics of all those themes so that you can understand and decorate your place in accordance with your requirements.

1. Contemporary Interior Theme

Contemporary Interior Theme

The essential characteristics of contemporary styling are to follow the current interior trend with fine lines, black and white additional elements, and add less decorative elements. As we are talking about the Majlis styling, the most important thing is to add comfortable seats to the place with no suffocated appearance of the place.

You can choose a modern design for the furniture, functionally enhance the interior with wall sheets or panels, and choose a decent wall-to-wall carpeting for flooring. Always go for solid shades and avoid adding too many patterns for creating a contemporary type of interior theme.

2. Industrial Majlis Decoration Theme

Industrial Arabic Majlis Decoration Theme

Inspired by industrial appearance people prefer high ceilings and highlight rough decorative material for a unique touch. You can play with colors while generating an industrial theme for your place. Majalis look beautiful with monochromatic or dichromatic decoration shades.

This Majlis styling needs to be enhanced with natural shades, you can add natural fiber rugs and carpets, wooden floorings, some vintage light bulbs, additional baskets with some eatables, metal or wooden furniture frames, and some old wall hangings. Choose a dark and light combination of shades of one or two colors, and you can also see the color wheel for details.

3. Monochromatic Interior Idea

Monochromatic Interior Idea

Monochromatic means a single-color theme, it is a simple interior design with no critical choices to make for interior elements. Most commonly the wall theme decides the primary shade of such an interior, you can choose a darker shade for the decorative elements of the place and the lighter one of the same color as the primary shade to achieve an appealing interior appearance.

This is the trendiest modern interior design, followed to create a Majlis theme with decent decor and comfortable seats. Comfort is the priority while generating this idea, window treatments are added to have maximum privacy, soft flooring is necessary for avoiding invasive walking echoes, and metal furniture frames with solid shade upholstery are to fulfill the basics of this theme.

4. Bohemian Interior Module

Bohemian Interior Module

Bohemian or boho interior style is created by the combination of yellow, brown, white, red, grey, and blue colors. Its entire theme does not contain any other color; hence, these colors become necessary for a boho interior appearance.

Interior designers recommend taking white or a lighter shade of any color as the primary color for the theme and adding dark shade decoration to create an appealing look. You can add wall decor, bold colored upholstery materials, cushions, and bean bags for extra sitting space, and never forget to make a perfect color combination.

5. Traditional Majlis Decor

Traditional Majlis Decor

To generate this theme, you’ll have to introduce a lot of shades and detailing to your place without losing the balance of interior appearance. Regal window curtains such as long velvet, silk, or linen with solid bold colors should be added. Old wooden furniture ideas are mostly chosen for following such traditional interior designs.

People enjoy decorating their spaces with vintage, classic décor items that have a lot of light availability since Majalis is the oldest interior motif that is currently fashionable.Curtains are designed to block out every outside element hence sufficient light will be added through electrical bulbs and classic fragrant candles.

Coming To An End

Many interior designs are getting famous for Majalis styling, but the five mentioned aboe are commonly used to functionally enhance your space’s interior. The industrial theme adds more space to the area, contemporary styling means following the trend while selecting decor elements, and monochromatic modern design offers a simple yet comfortable interior appearance. Traditional and bohemian themes require perfect combinations of shades, therefore considered a color game for decor lovers.

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