5 Trendy Vinyl Flooring Options For Your Space

5 Trendy Vinyl Flooring Options For Your Space

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The floor should be strong enough to bear maximum foot traffic without losing its intact nature. Vinyl floors are the new trend in Dubai nowadays, vinyl comfortable floors have a layer structure composed of five to six layers for maximum functionality. The lower layer is the base or backing, providing the maximum resistance against moisture and sticking to the ground properly for a stabilized floor appearance.

On the underlayer, there comes a fiber layer offering 100% stability, then a cushion is present to offer comfortable walking space. Still, this layer is not featured in every vinyl trendy floor, which is why vinyl consists of five or six layers. After this coat, a printing layer stick to its place offering patterns to the entire floor, and then it is the turn of two protective layer coats. The upper one protects from direct ultraviolet radiation, while the second one offers maximum resistance against water, stains, chemicals, and damage.

The Structure of Vinyl Flooring

  1. Base Layer: The foundation of vinyl flooring, providing resistance against moisture and ensuring stability.
  2. Fiber Layer: Offers 100% stability, making the floor more durable.
  3. Cushion Layer: Adds comfort, though it is not present in all vinyl floors.
  4. Printing Layer: Provides the design and patterns that make vinyl floors aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Protective Coats: Two layers that protect against UV radiation, water, stains, chemicals, and damage.

5 Plus Points Of Installing Vinyl Flooring In Your Place

People get confused while picking vinyl for their places, vinyl is the trend, but only a trend is insufficient in selecting a floor. Knowing vinyl features before making a purchase is recommendable by interior designers. Quickly look at the highlighted benefits of vinyl comfortable flooring for a clear view.

1. Work As An Insulator

Work As An Insulator

Insulator is a material that slows down energy passing, such as heat. Vinyl high-quality floorings work as an insulator, storing some heat to keep the place warm. These floors should contain a thick underlay for maximum functionality. Pay attention to the vinyl quality if you want to gain proper insulation effects; better to ask professionals about the best vinyl insulator type to attain maximum features.

2. Providing Underfoot Comfort

Providing Underfoot Comfort

Because of its cushion layer, vinyl offers comfort while walking; unlike other hard floors, it does not produce walking echoes and keeps the place calm and peaceful. Its structure releases pressure points under the feet and minimizes body pains. The vinyl floor is highly stable and therefore resists sudden slip trips.

3. Kids And Pets-Friendly

Made of non-toxic material and its closely packed layering structure does not allow any particle to invade therefore, it is 100% kid and pets friendly. Because it doesn’t allow dirt to stay on its layer, there is no boost to allergens. Also, these floors are highly resistant to scratch marks, so your pet won’t be able to damage its layer.

4. Easily Maintainable Than Your Previous Floor

Easily Maintainable Than Your Previous Floor

This floor has high-resistance qualities for maintaining its luxurious appearance even with a low-care schedule. Always use a chemical-free cleaner to add durability to vinyl patterns. The stain can be easily washed with the lukewarm water and vinegar remedy, so regaining its luxurious look back is simple.

5. Unlimited Design Options

The vinyl pattern layer is covered with protective sheets but still gives a pattern to the floor. Its specific patterns and shades can alter the entire interior theme. Interior designers recommend making a perfect combination of your flooring with the interior theme shade to avoid mess. A randomly selected floor shade can add a separate appearance that non-uniformly interrupts the interior decor.


Vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for any space, offering comfort, durability, and a variety of design options. Its non-toxic material and easy maintenance make it suitable for homes with kids and pets. Whether you are looking for a stylish and functional floor for your home or office, vinyl flooring can meet your needs.

For more information on vinyl flooring options, you can explore Vinyl Flooring Dubai.

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