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Laminate Flooring Installation Cost in Dubai: Transform Your Space

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If you are looking to transform your home space, and searching for a new flooring option that is affordable and can give your place an opulent look, then laminate flooring is one of the most excellent choices to make. Not only is it easy to maintain, but it also comes in a versatile variety so that you can select according to your area’s interior style.

Talking about it being budget-friendly, the major concern of most people is the cost of its installation. With that being said, here we will explore all the budgeting factors of this admirable laminate floor and will learn how we can save money on its fitting process. So, without wasting any further time, let’s start our discussion regarding this topic.

Average Cost Of Laminate Flooring Installation In Dubai

Average Cost Of Laminate Flooring Installation In DubaiLet’s talk about the average cost of laminate flooring installation first. It depends on various factors, including the size of the area, the thickness of planks, the type of laminate flooring, and also the fitting method. On an average scale, the cost of laminate floor fitting can range from AED 20 to AED 40 per square meter.

Besides, if you are going to install high-quality laminate flooring planks, it will cost you much more, and if the quality is low, the cost might suit your budget. For instance, traditional glue-down laminate floors are cheaper than those with glueless click installation systems.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Laminate Flooring Installation In Dubai

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Laminate Flooring Installation In DubaiAs mentioned earlier, several factors can affect the cost of laminate floor fitting, and you should have knowledge about all these factors so that you can make the right decision and can wisely spend your money.

Removal Of Existing Floor: 

Removal Of Existing FloorIf your space has any existing floor that should be removed before the fitting of laminate flooring, it will get added to the overall installation cost.

Preparation Of Subfloor: 

Preparation Of SubfloorLaminate flooring always gets laid over a smooth surfaced subflooring therefore, if the subflooring has any cracks, it must be leveled, and all of this subfloor preparation cost gets included to the overall laminate floor fitting prices.

Area Coverage: 

Area CoverageThe size of the area where you are going to install floor covering is the biggest factor that affects the cost of installation because the larger the area, the higher the cost will be.

Installation Method: 

Installation MethodThe method of the installation of laminate flooring also has a major effect on the cost that you have to spend because each method requires a different sort of material and effort level.

Additional Services: 

Additional ServicesAdditional services include leveling of the floor, moisture-testing, repairing, and all of these things can also increase the total cost of the floor installation project.

Tips For Budgeting And Saving On Laminate Flooring Installation In Dubai

Tips For Budgeting And Saving On Laminate Flooring Installation In DubaiIf you are tight on your budget and your place is demanding a floor replacement, then you can go for these mentioned tips and can follow them as they are meant to save you money. Plus with the help of these tips, you can install laminate flooring in your home while being low on your budget.

  • You can make the cost comparison between different types of laminate flooring and can check which one comes in your budget while considering all the other factors which can increase the overall cost.
  • Laminate flooring is also a DIY project, so it’s totally a great idea if you install it by yourself rather than hiring professionals who will cost you a lot more.
  • Spend only on those tools and materials that are necessary to be bought.
  • Plan out everything and make a proper budget plan, including installation cost, tools and material cost, and of course the flooring cost.

To Sum Up

In the end, I hope that now you know everything about the installation cost for laminate flooring and will make a suitable choice for your home. After getting that clear idea and knowing all the factors, I will suggest that you do not make an attempt to go out of your budget, try to stay within your cost limits by applying those tips which are mentioned above. And you will surely get a perfect installation of the laminate floor in your living space.

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