Is It Easy To Lay Parquet Flooring? Informative Guide 2024

Is It Easy To Lay Parquet Flooring? Informative Guide 2024

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Of course it is mates! This exceptionally attractive Parquet Flooring, however, does ask for a really careful and patient installation, yet all the effort and wait is totally worth it. You’ll have to go through the somewhat demanding phase once and it’s surely gonna pay you back for the lifetime.

You can, of course, carry it out yourself with just a bit of accurate knowledge, careful proceeding and not to mention the tiniest (fairly tiniest!) amounts of patience. And if you’re too lazy (be easy! We don’t judge here!) to do it yourself, then don’t wait another second, grab your phone, and call some professionals that belong to a reputable specialist platform.

Is It Easy To Lay Parquet Flooring Flooring Dubai

It’s pretty obvious to say that the experts will do the job in the most seamless and equally timeless manner for you. And eventually, your brand new, super sleek looking and certainly alluring Parquet Flooring will be all set to sparkle your spaces!

How Is Parquet Flooring Installed?

With that said, the very question of “Is it easy to lay parquet flooring?” still remains much significant, and we’re here for you, by all means, so as to let you know the ways you can have fun in the DIY installation of Parquet Flooring.

Parquet Flooring, unlike other hardwood floorings, comprises fairly smaller pieces (planks) of the wood pieces. These floorboards, or wood pieces to be more specific, are inlaid within sort of collaged motifs, consequently creating a wonderfully patterned design.

When the concern is about self-installation or at-home fitting of the Parquet Flooring, there are certain questions that are meant to pop up in the DIY performers’ minds. Or you can say that these are the situations that above-mentioned ones get to face.

“Do you have to glue parquet flooring?” followed by “How do you glue down parquet flooring?” are a few highlights of these frequently asked questions aka Parquet Flooring Installation issues.

Where Do You Start Laying Parquet Flooring?

This another crucial question will be our basis for beginning the guide to installation of Parquet Flooring as well as a fine reasoning to “Is it easy to lay Parquet Flooring?”

1. Clean and Clear it all!

No matter what type of flooring installation you’re going for, it’s the most essential step to ensure that your existing floor is perfectly clean and absolutely free of any buildup. You can use any cleaning method of your choice, such as mopping, dusting or vacuuming, (it’s best if you carry out all!).

Prior to the installation, always ensure carrying out a thorough cleaning of the targeted floor. This will serve as the right and seamless foundation for a perfect flooring installation.

2. Measuring and Installation

Assuming the fact that you’ll only make a Parquet (or any other) floor purchase after getting all the right measurements and in just the required amounts, we’d be moving straight to the installation phase. Start off by putting your Parquet tiles in order. Spread the adhesive element (solution) over the back of tiles and lightly press them against the floor.

Keep in mind to not overdo anything i.e. putting excessive solution (resulting in too much sticking and dripping) or applying too much pressure over the tiles while you put them down. Work your way till the end of the room, take a look at your progress and don’t forget to be proud of yourself!

3. Post-Installation Checks

However, as pride gets to face a fall in majority cases, be careful while you lay your tiles and carry it out with your level best patience and perfection, of course. As far as the narrow edges or room corners are concerned, you’ll need to cut the tiles, using a jigsaw, in order to cut out the right shape, perfectly accommodating these little spaces.

Make it sure that you let your floor Dubai dry completely, preferably for about 30 days and no way less than 2 weeks, so as to achieve the best results of your entire effort.

That’s about it! It actually is that simple and easy as it seems within the explanation. Nevertheless don’t forget the fact that patience and hard work are surely required, in order to make the most out of your investment as well as the efforts. 

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