Most Durable Flooring For Home | 6 Flooring For High Traffics

What is the Most Durable Flooring For Home? 6 Flooring For High Traffics

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When it comes to the renovation of your house or the creation of an entirely new living space, the flooring choice is one of the most important decisions you have to make to enhance the charm/beauty of your house.

You might be concerned about the appearance of your home flooring or the investment that you’re gonna put on it. But, a frequently asked question that might pop in your mind “What is the most durable flooring for your home” still has most of your attention while installing one for your beautiful living space.

Either you have a small family with kids or a large joint family or party gatherings at your home, the floor takes a lot of spilled drinks and foot traffic on it that ultimately dulls out the beauty of your home decor. So, you must be looking for the one with the premium quality for your home, the one that lasts longer. To make sure that the flooring Dubai you are going to get in your house is durable enough or not, you might consider some following factors too.

  • Its appearance
  • How stable it is
  • Easy to clean and affordable
  • What will be its state after some use
  • Either it is stain, noise, water, kids, or scratch-resistant

Most Durable Home Flooring

Talking about the durability of the floor, it is one of the key criteria for most families. Landing on the most stylish and beautiful flooring gives you a mesmerizing feeling that fulfills all your home requirements.

So, if you are the one searching for the most elegant yet budget-friendly home flooring, you are at the right place. provides you the most stylish, eco-friendly, and durable flooring with premium quality that will, for sure, add up a charm to the beauty of your home interior.

Keeping in mind both the bright and dark sides of each flooring, we have come up with some of the best and most durable flooring versions for your home.

  1. Hardwood Flooring
  2. Laminate Flooring
  3. Vinyl Flooring
  4. Porcelain or Ceramic Tile Flooring
  5. Cork Flooring
  6. Bamboo Flooring

1. Hardwood Flooring

This one is the most classy and durable option to choose for your home flooring with a naturally elegant appearance. Hardwood flooring is easy to clean and if maintained properly, it can be used in the long run. It is the most popular one because of its versatility. Being water-proof, hardwood flooring is exactly what you might search for in your living space. This classy-looking flooring stands out with its children and pet-friendly nature which means it is completely scratch resistant.

It might be the best investment if you choose this durable hardwood flooring for your home. No matter if you go for the engineered hardwood flooring or solid hardwood flooring, you will always get the most durable and stable flooring that you can easily get installed in your home.

If you feel the risk of any moisture damage in it, you can move to the waterproof hardwood flooring. There are many other classifications in hardwood flooring you can choose from that originally comes from the following origin.

  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Ash

2. Laminate Flooring

If you are looking for an attractive and sustainable floor for your home. Then, this is exactly for you because Laminate flooring is long-lasting and you can get it at a very affordable price. It is the most durable and good option when it comes to high traffic because it is made to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Laminate flooring is the one you’re gonna find much foot-friendly. This amazingly long-lasting Laminate flooring is noise-resistant, scratch-resistant, moisture-resistant, and spill-proof. Because of its moist-free nature, it can easily get installed in bathrooms and kitchens. You can have Laminate flooring in the replacement of hardwood flooring.

This indestructible and affordable Laminate flooring is guaranteed for over 25 years for its wear and tear but only if maintained properly. After knowing all these legit facts about it, anyone could hardly resist buying it for his / her home.

3. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring is another best option if you are looking for the most trendy flooring at an affordable price. This floor is stylish enough to go with your home interior giving it a more attractive look. Moreover, it is popular due to its versatility, and elegant look.

Vinyl flooring comes up in both plank and tile, allowing it to look like real hardwood and stone tiles. Its stain-resistant nature makes it worth buying because it is made to withstand heavy footsteps which, of course, is the requirement of every home. Furthermore, if you want moisture-resistant flooring for your base-level floor, you can install the classic sheet vinyl.

There are some other options for you in vinyl flooring to choose from i.e. vinyl planks or vinyl tiles and no matter which option you choose, each one of them is going to make your living area adorable.

4. Porcelain or Ceramic Tile Flooring

This is the most stylish and beautiful flooring anyone could have in his / her house. Its durability has no comparison, and it is totally water-proof. In addition, Porcelain flooring is scratch and dent-resistant giving an entirely different look to your home. Moreover, Porcelain Tile Flooring being moisture-resistant is the best choice for the moisture-prone area.

It is long-lasting, easy to clean, and could be a good investment for you. Fulfilling all your home requirements “Porcelain or Ceramic Tile Flooring” is the best option to choose for your home. You can install it in your kitchen or bathroom without any risk of being damaged by water exposure, etc. It could be a good installation in hallways entries, laundry rooms, or outdoor areas too. You can get its many other options, some are as follows

  • Quarry Tile`
  • Terracotta
  • Glazed Ceramic

One thing that you might find interesting about it is that this flooring could mimic the look of any wood or stone flooring and you might not even feel like it is a wood or stone under your feet.

5. Cork Flooring

Cork being environment-friendly is another most substantial option for your home flooring. Cork flooring is quite soft and warm under your feet having a natural look and being slip-resistant, it is an excellent choice for your home.

It is eco-friendly and quite easy to install anywhere. You can install it in bedrooms and it will give an elegant look but you might install it in wet areas like bathrooms due to its moisture-free nature. Although it is the best choice and demands great care due to its softness because if maintained properly, it can have a long lifespan like over 40 years.

You can install its other variants such as click-lock planks or cork tiles which are much simpler to install even by yourself. Premium quality Cork flooring is naturally resistant to termites, fire, or mold.

6. Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is the most unique type of flooring giving off a feel of hardwood flooring under your feet. Being budget-friendly, bamboo flooring is the one with much durability and is the best choice for your home. In addition, to give an entirely esthetic look to your home, it comes up with different colors so that you could match it with the theme of your home interior. Its popularity is because of being eco-friendly and budget-friendly. It is the most moisture-resistant flooring that you could ever have.

Its stylish look and sustainability had earned great popularity in the market over many years. You can also have engineered bamboo flooring planks and solid strips to make a more graceful look of your home. Bamboo flooring is much easier to clean and requires much less care than its other variants.

In addition, there are also some options that you might like to install

  • Flat-grain bamboo flooring
  • Vertical-grain bamboo flooring
  • End-grain bamboo flooring

To Sum Up

In the end, I must say that if you want the most durable flooring for your beautiful living space, it’s initially the best approach that you go for having a good comprehension about what exactly are your place’s flooring requirements. Post that, of course, you can go for the installation of any one of the above-mentioned aesthetic yet budget-friendly floorings.

Give your home an entirely different and stylish look by installing these durable floorings or their variants, as well as what I described above. Each of them has its own significance and thus you can conveniently look for the one that serves as an ideal match for your places.

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