Top 5 Laminate Flooring Types You Should Consider Before Buying

Top 5 Laminate Flooring Types You Should Consider Before Buying

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Laminate flooring is a synthetic and multi-layered option, renowned for its appealing look, durability, and most effectively glossy and rustic sheen. It is emerging as the most sustainable, effective, and versatile solution because you have a wide range of options in terms of construction, imitating material, texture, colors, and installation techniques.

The selection of the right flooring can impact the overall space’s comfort, design, and functionality. So before you finalize your decision you must know about the different categories of laminate flooring. Go through this guide by Flooring Dubai to familiarize yourself with different laminate floor options.

5 Different Types Of Laminate Flooring For Purchase

Laminate flooring is the trendsetting option that is liked by every business and homeowner because it resembles hardwood and tile floor options and has rich aesthetics. Going through this article will make you knowledgeable about the classification of laminate parquet flooring. Considering the categorical representation, you’ll surely end up choosing the best option for you.

1. Classification Of Laminate Flooring Based On Its Imitating Material

The floor options it imitates are briefly described below to make your selection easier.

Wood Laminate Flooring

Wood Laminate Flooring

As the name specifies this type of flooring imitates the look of real wood. It consists of a thin layer of solid wood. That stable layer is further laminated with an upper layer of wood veneer and an acrylic finish.

The good thing to know is that layer & glossy finishes along with enhancing the visual appeal also make it more durable. You can also select laminate parquet flooring which is a bit thicker than other flooring types and lasts longer.

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Plastic Laminate Flooring

Plastic Laminate Flooring

Imitating the look of plastic doesn’t make it a popular choice as the laminate flooring. Although this is a versatile material, it is not so commonly used. The construction of this flooring is made up of printed fiberboards. The several layers include HDF boards, protective wear, decorative, and moisture-resistant bottom core.

As it comes with a decorative layer, that’s why you can have a variety of design options to choose from. Only you can’t go for using this flooring in your bathroom or kitchen as these types of flooring are unable to retain a high amount of moisture.

Stone Laminate Flooring

Stone Laminate Flooring

This floor option combines the rustic look of real stones and the functionality of laminate flooring. With unique slate, concrete, and other appealing effects, it adds an elegant touch to any flooring. Laminate floor with an exclusively amazing realism to the real stone is a retreat for your residential and commercial application.

With this type of flooring, you can also go with a versatile range of colors, shades, unique textures, awe-inspiring patterns, and most importantly dimensional depth. Perfect grading and indentation make this floor properly mimic the look of real stone.

Tile Laminate Flooring

Tile Laminate Flooring

Laminate tile floors perfectly combine the appearance of natural wood and synthetic tiles, featuring MDF and HDF backing. This flooring creates the most firm and sustainable surfaces, hence, is best for places with heavy footwear on daily terms.

Although this is a less common choice for homeowners. But effective to use in the bathroom and kitchen. Being in the form of tiles, it is easy to install and maintain this option. Just like ceramic tiles, this flooring offers several perks for your places experiencing moisture.

Marble Laminate Flooring

Marble Laminate FlooringLaminate floors also imitate the appearance of marble floors, presenting the most sophisticated, simple, and detailed patterns. The most widely used marble patterns on laminate floors are Carrara, Calacatta, and Emperador which can be selected as per interior schemes.

Marble laminate is the most durable option which is resistant to stains, scratches, and moisture. Also, it is very easy to clean and maintain them because when their edges are sealed, it is completely waterproof.

2. Classification Of Laminate Flooring Based On Installation Type

Several options are there to pick for the installation method:

Glueless Click Lock Flooring

Glueless Laminate Flooring

This type of laminate is dedicated to being installed using different materials as there’s no glue to stick it to the ground. So, for this, you can choose the most efficient click-lock method which is literally designed to click the planks to their position. It offers DIY-friendly installation, saving you money on hiring installers.

Glued Tonge And Groove Flooring

Glued Tonge And Groove FlooringThis type of flooring is quite difficult to install if you are not experienced. You need to glue the joints together and put each in the right shape. Start by putting a board with a groove against the corner wall. You will keep installing and aligning the tongue and grooves to secure them on the ground while eliminating gaps.

Pre-glued Laminate Flooring

Pre-glued Laminate Flooring

In order to avoid applying glue separately on each plank, there you have a pre-glued laminate. All you have to do is to snap the plank into the required place. Be careful to check the installation details before so that you do not damage the ends of the plank. As the glue is already applied to grooves and tongues, you can carefully snap the planks to their desired space.

Pre-Attached Underlayment

Some laminate options come with underlayment to help you save some of your bucks. A glueless plank can be installed by adding underlayment. A few options with tongue and grooves systems can also use underlayment as it reduces the noise level and makes your floor acoustic and appealing.

3. Classification Of Laminate Floor Based On Floor Construction

Manufacturing techniques further categorize this flooring into different options.

HPL Flooring (High-Pressure Laminate)

HPL Flooring (High-Pressure Laminate)

Laminate floors that are designed with this construction process are much more durable. In this type, the laminate planks are put together in the process of one or two steps. Several layers are merged with other materials and then glued to the plank to enhance the floor’s reliability and durability.

DPL Flooring (Direct Pressure Laminate)

DPL Flooring Direct Pressure Laminate

This single-step technique involves detailed manufacturing in which all four layers are being processed using a low-pressure construction method. This directs the assembling and pressing of several layers together and heating to make a strong bond contributes to the floor’s sustainability.

CPL Flooring (Continuous Pressure Laminate)

CPL Flooring (Continuous Pressure Laminate)Here comes another option in which consistent pressure is applied to the layers of laminate floors. However, this technique creates harder surfaces than the other two options, the best option for home-based applications where thin and post-formed surfaces are required for daily movement.

4. Classification Of Laminate Flooring Based On Pattern

Laminate floors are also classified based on different unique and appealing patterns. From the strips to herringbone to checkerboard, you can have a variety of options. The list below is some of the most popular laminate floor patterns.

  • Wide Plank Floorboards
  • Herringbone Patterns
  • Chevron Pattern
  • Traditional Floorboards Planks
  • Thin Strip Flooring
  • Straight Lay Pattern
  • Parquet Style Option
  • Cherry, Hickory, Oak

5. Classification Of Laminate Flooring Based On Different Colors And Textures

You can find many other options considering the different textures and shades:

Laminate Flooring By Shade

Laminate being versatile is available in a variety of shades. Light brown, white, beige, grey, and reddish brown are the different options that can be selected according to your style statement.

Laminate Flooring By Texture

You can have different textures a choices for your laminate floors. Matchless options are wood grain, distressed, glossy, smooth, hand-scraped, oiled wood, and brushed for selection.

To Sum Up!

A laminate floor is the trendiest and most versatile option; you need to know everything about it before purchasing. Laminate floors are categorized into multiple types based on the crafting, imitating materials, textures, and finishes. In addition to that, you have other options available when it comes to their installation. This guide covers every sort of information that you need to know about laminate floors to make a convenient and meaningful purchase.

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